Invitation to a Road Trip of a Lifetime

A few days ago, I received a very special invite to embark on a fun road trip with two other bloggers.  Of course, I am very happy to know I will be having a Flair Adventure with two Flair Bloggers!

*ehemz, ehemz*

who could they be?

It’s a secret I won’t tell yet… 😉

Don’t worry, they will be revealed within 24 hours 😀 So, please do subscribe to the Flair Blog to get updated 😀

The Invitation

Vaseline Invitation (21)

When I received this, I pinched myself – thrice!!! I was dying for another out-of-town getaway and my wish was granted! Imagine!  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be invited.  But don’t worry guys, YOU can get lucky too!!!

yes YOU!

See the bottom part of the post to know how.

I am really touched at how the Vaseline Road Trip team took time effort to make this a very fun adventure for us.  From the very beginning, you know they care.


Vaseline Invitation (1)

With the invitation came a big bag full of STUFF!

Vaseline Invitation (2)

look! Havaianas 🙂 and it’s my size 😉

and … I LOVE the color! Matches my blog’s theme.

What do you think? 😀

Vaseline Invitation (4)

2 out of 3 Vaseline Healthy White Lotion with a high SPF 24

It’s like Sunblock … but better coz!  It’s a lotion with a high SPF protection 🙂

plus, it’s triple lightening (or whitening)!

You don’t really wear sticky sunblocks every day do you?

It should be perfect for travelers who are always on the go and exposure to sun is inevitable… LIKE ME!

Can you see how nognog I am due to my frequent travel!  About time I need some daily protection from the sun.

I will test this while on the road trip so stay tune and will let you know what I think 🙂

Vaseline Invitation (6)

I will definitely share everything you need to know, so stick around 🙂

Vaseline Invitation (7)

Compass 🙂 In case we get lost 😛

Vaseline Invitation (8)

Pepsodent, Dove Deodorant and Dove soap bar.

Perfect! Coz I’m a user of Dove deo (only I use the stick one) and soap!

Vaseline Invitation (9)

I tested this CD while driving… OMG, great taste in music whoever complied these… Track number 1 – Aqualung “Brighter than Sunshine”

ahh… perfect song for a road trip! LOVE IT!

Vaseline Invitation (10)

Notebooks and Water bottles … and the big bag of course 🙂

Vaseline Invitation (11)

more toilettries and Necessities

Vaseline Invitation (12)

Water bottle and hot water mug for coffees and teas 🙂

Vaseline Invitation (13)


Vaseline Invitation (22)

They understand the heart of a blogger.

That without bandwidth connection, we are powerless…

Thanks for providing us power!

Vaseline Invitation (24)

Although, I don’t know why Letran… I’m La Sallian btw 😛 but it doesn’t matter as long as this connects me to the world wide web 😀

WARNING: Heavy Cam-whoring

Vaseline Invitation (14)

Trying out the Straw Hat 🙂

Vaseline Invitation (15)

Suits me and the blog’s layout *wink* 😀

Vaseline Invitation (16)

WTF my bangs on the way T__T

Vaseline Invitation (18)

Blurred the background coz room was messy 😛

Vaseline Invitation (19)

I need cam-whoring pictures in my room… Must remind myself to bring tripod!

Vaseline Invitation (20)

OK, now, I’m shy… enough 😀

Your Chance to Win a Road Trip of a Lifetime

You can also win Prizes and Gift Packs from my site.  To find out how, please subscribe to my blog as I will post the instructions soon.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

By subscribing to my blog and by following our Vaseline Road Trip Adventure, I will reveal how YOU can have a chance to WIN the ROAD TRIP of a LIFETIME like the one we are about to have!

I am spreading the LOVE and the LUCK to all of my readers!

Until then,

Lotsalove Netizens,

Flair Candy <3

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  1. wow! that’s intriguing. 🙂 i wanna have a road trip of a lifetime like that. so much fun and adventure. 🙂

  2. Wow you and *** are so lucky to be a part of this! Exploring Northern Luzon is one of my dream travels for this year. I am excited to read your adventures weee galing ng mga girls ko woot 😀

  3. this is one awesome road trip. i wish i could have that experience too. can’t wait to read your blogs about your road trip of a lifetime dj hannah 🙂 have fun and keep us posted.

  4. i’ll let you know 😉 btw i chanced upon your premiere episode of tek tok while i was browsing through the channels – i like the theme of the show. proud of you. 😉

  5. I used Vaseline lightening lotion with triple whitening effect. I used this because, I’m using it anyway to protect all skin areas that will be exposed in the sun while I’m on the road tour. Plus, I love the smell, it’s like lotion-perfume.

    You can also use petroleum jelly or cold cream as an alternative to lotion.

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