Juggling Elephants

Earlier in one of my blog posts I mentioned how I miss reading again. Earlier this year, I also felt the quarter life crisis kicking in and I felt so depressed and confused but at the same time overwhelmed with the things that I need to do and the tasks that I needed to accomplish.

My concerned boyfriend though I should read books again and suggested this book to me:

Juggling Elephants.


This book is all about running your own circus instead of it running your life. This book teaches how you can do the most important things in the three rings of your life: work, relationships and self.

It teaches you to balance things within the different rings, to know which tasks you need to prioritize and of course to never forget to set time for yourself too.

This book was very enlightening and I read this book in 2 days. I read it in transit (on plane) to and from Palawan. It’s an easy and quick read and I know this will help you too.

You can buy it on Amazon books for your kindle or at any bookstore near you. I have a kindle for Android and iPad and I have been buying books from the kindle bookstore because bringing these books in digital form is so convenient. I can read from my phone or iPad. SWEET-ah! You can buy this book below 🙂

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