KFC Krushers

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I haven’t noticed that they have these!  Lately I have a growing affection for shakes.  I’m not a shake lover but the shake shake journey started just early this year when I was in Boracay sipping a Mango shake at Jonas.

Also, I have this new habit of buying a shake after every surf…  It’s just that I feel so exhausted, tired and dehydrated that I need to sip on something.  I usually buy one especially when I’m waiting for my other surf buddies to finish showering.  Surf Camp – San Juan’s wifi plus the sound of the waves, plus shake = <3

It’s cold rainy season lately but it doesn’t stop me from finding means of satisfying my craving!  Good thing we passed by a KFC store in SM Mega Mall last Saturday!


The KFC Krushers comes in three flavors:  Kookies n’ Kream, Karamel Krunch and Strawberry Banana.  I had a hard time choosing which to try first!  In the end I resulted to trying the Strawberry-Banana first.  It’s because it is PHP 10 more than the two other flavours so I thought that this might be the “Nicole Scharzinger” of the Pussycat Dolls.

DSC00352 DSC00351

The shake was smooth enough, no rough ice that shocks teeth.  It is creamy, milky and sweet even for a yogurt drink and mild enough for acid-freak stomachs like mine.  It’s healthy enough since it has yogurt (which means live lactobacilli something or just call it good bacteria hehe).  The strawberry-banana isn’t that luxurious but that’s what you get for paying only PHP75.  Some say that it might be pricey but for my standards, this is okay for a big cup serving.  I think it’s just all balanced.  Put more fruit and it should get more expensive.


I am quite impressed that a fast-food chain can think of better more things to sell… If you think of it, Chicken … Gravy … plus Krusher … not such a good combination!  You also don’t want to buy softdrinks for your meal and make it a dessert drink… I suggest that once you order this with your meal, just drink it after eating instead for a more satisfactory experience.   That was what I did since I think it would be weird gulping on creamy milky yogurt shake after I swallow chicken and gravy… eeekz! did I loose your appetite there? sorry! 😛

*pictures taken by Sony Ericsson W760i


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  1. We don’t have a KFC here though. I noticed that the nordic countries don’t have it. I saw two in Paris (in which I ate a whole bucket with my husband) and I hope they have it in Athens since we’re going there hopefully around fall break or christmas break to visit a bff. I just love their chicken!

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