La Union Aug Long Weekend – Day 1


Disappointing Loser waves today

At least there are some baby waves towards the late afternoon so I better not complain before the waves completely turn their back on me.

We are staying at San Juan Surf Camp now.  We are like 20 people plus DKS friends and their friends (6).  They are staying in Sebay though because Surf Camp is full-booked the weekend.

It’s the first time that I am here on a Friday.  Friday is actually the “Green Zinc” project clean-up day where the locals clean the shores from seaweed and unwanted trash just to keep and preserve the La Union shore.

There’s nothing more sexier than seeing Luke Landrigan raking those seaweeds out of the shore!  **Faints**  You gals should be here on Fridays lol.

Playing on the Surf Camp music now is “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in Ukelele… It’s a lovely tune, relaxing and chillin ^_^

Absolutely amazing sunset at La Union today… but I didn’t take a picture of it because I was too lazy to get my camera in our room!  But it was so colorful and beautiful in shades of orange, yellow, sky-baby-blue, and lush pink!

I am totally starving as I type and I’m off to grab some dinner… I just do hope that tomorrow will be a better day to get Stoked!

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