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I am very keen on Oral care and hygiene! I can say I have strong teeth.  I was dubbed “Miss Kiddy Teeth” when I was in first grade :P  I had no cavities at all as compared to my other classmates who then have a lot. 

But, growing up, I started to have some of those ugly black thingies (cavities) and my mom had to take me to the dentist to have them “fixed”

My other problem for my mouth is that it is too small to fit all the teeth inside and they all got crowded!  They had to remove 4 teeth (it’s what they call wisdom tooth – they removed my wisdom, hence Crazy Hannah 😛 I’m kidding)

I often got meat stuck in between my teeth.  Sometimes I would notice, sometimes I won’t and boy if only I could see how ugly it would make my teeth if I let it stay there, I would have flossed at least once a day!  I hated flossing because it always makes my gums bleed and it hurt!  But, how do you really take care of your mouth?

Still, up to this day, I don’t even know what really is the proper oral care regimen.  The only thing I know is I always want to have a pretty smile and I would love to enjoy munching on my food every day!  I enjoy eating and having tooth problems will make this activity a hassle!

I always feel like my gums are super sensitive! Like it would bleed sometimes when I brush my teeth.  I just accepted that fact because I think it’s just weak like that, genes and all… but it didn’t occur to me that maybe, I must have been doing something wrong, that’s why my gums aren’t that strong…

and that is what I found out when I had my dental check-up at the Villareal dental clinic!


Dental Check-up.

Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-a-Healthy-5 (2)

I recently accepted Listerine’s challenge along with celebrity Drew Arellano, other dentists and fellow bloggers :) 


The first step to our challenge is to have initial dental check-up and see what’s happenin’

Makati City-20110528-00141 Makati City-20110528-00137

*at Villareal clinic at St. Luke’s The Fort – nice Hospital!

Makati City-20110528-00142 Makati City-20110528-00145

look at me, looking nervous lol


This is their plaque index and gingival bleeding index.  The closer to zero, the better the condition of your teeth and gums!

Makati City-20110528-00155 Makati City-20110528-00154

My results weren’t bad, and mostly I got 0,1 & 2s… but I also got a few 3s.. which is alarming to me!  I brush my teeth twice or three times a day, what’s wrong?

I was so surprised that I have tiny cavities growing again!  And I was puzzled because every time I look at my teeth in the mirror, I see none of those ugly black things! They’re so sneaky!  They are hiding! I need to get this fixed soon and this should be a quick fix.  In the mean time, I want to change for the long term and follow proper oral care.  These cavities were born because I wasn’t able to clean my entire teeth well.  The doctor said, most of them growing are at the side of my teeth (remember my crowded mouth?) or at the back where it’s hard to reach!

It’s time to battle bacteria, plaque, tartar and many other oral problems and I’m glad I am taking this challenge!

Listerine-6-Six-Week-Challenge-Mouthwash-a-Healthy-6 (2)

and here it is, our kit for 6 weeks! and I’m up for the challenge 🙂

Listerine Total Care has 6 Essential Benefits.

1.  Breaks through plaque – contains Zinc chloride which decreases plaque formation by up to 56%.

2.  Keeps teeth white – Teeth becomes dark due to tartar formation caused by plaque.

3. Kills 99% of Germs – keeps mouth free of germs and prevent bad breath.  Foul odor is caused by the release of compound formed by bacteria.

4.  Gives 24 hour fresh breath

5. Helps keep teeth strong – helps prevent cavities by strengthening teeth surfaces.

6. Maintains healthy gums – rinsing twice a day efectively decreases gingivitis (inflammation of gums).

* I need all of the above and I will test if indeed I will experience all of these benefits!

We will be doing more tests :P  and I will my update my blog and let  you know what happens. and hey, maybe you can do your own challenge too!  I will have a contest for you soon so do watch out for that 😛

To follow the journey of LISTERINE® Total Care challengers or find out more information about taking the ‘Dare to Get Total Care’ challenge yourself,  join the LISTERINE® Philippines Facebook fanpage now!

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