Makeup Class by Oleic Fashion Gallery

I was really really bad at makeup before.

It was such a waste since my aunts and my mom LOVE makeup so much that they buy almost every cool makeup there is in the world.  I often find makeup just scattered around and I played with it when I was a kid.  My mom would say… careful!!! Those are very expensive!!! did you know that that single eye shadow alone costs 1,000 + pesos?


I was such a tomboy when I was a kid!  I didn’t care about makeup and fashion… all I cared about was playing with my friends, homework, sports and dancing!  I would cry every time my mom would put makeup on me.

Even when I was working I didn’t really put a lot of makeup.  Then I realized that with what I’m doing now, I needed to take up some makeup class.

A friend of mine forwarded this to me an online poster about a makeup class locally.

I was like “What is this? and who is this?” He’s like, “I don’t know, just thought it sounds cool… and you were planning on studying basic makeup right?”

Then I realized that this was perfect… I did not want to study a whole course about professional makeup… I just wanted to know the basics etc… etc… just so that I can apply nicely on myself…

There I went without any makeup and brush and nothing at all… Cielo, my makeup teacher and owner of Oleic Fashion Gallery, lent me some of her stuff for the makeup.  Although, she recommends for her students to bring whatever makeup they have so that she can tell them what to do with what they have.

Anyway, good thing the class also includes some free makeup stuff… it included a liquid eye liner (yaye for this I was planning to buy one), pencil liner, multi-colored shimmer eye-shadow, shimmery eye shadow set for smokey eyes application.


Oleic Personal Make up Workshop

Anyway, to summarize the whole experience – in a day, I went to the class knowing NOTHING… at the end of the day… I knew EVERYTHING I had to know about applying makeup on myself.

I also knew what I can do for the extra makeup my mom had at home :)  Now, I experiment daily and practice on myself… I also need some makeup for the new TV Talk show that I am hosting “Tek Tok TV”.

Cielo also advised me on which kind of makeup and the shades that I need to use if I want to look good on camera 🙂

If you have noticed my pictures and blog posts recently, I have been putting makeup on 🙂 by myself! :D  I love it!

Anyway here’s more detail about the class


Hands on tutorial on:

the natural look

red lips (50s)

party look

smokey eyes

application of false eyelashes (this was very very helpful since I didn’t know how to put one on myself lol)

proper application of eye liner (which I was scared of doing by myself lol)

proper blending of eye shadows

contouring (shaping your face nicely by makeup)

any other questions you want to ask


The class was inclusive of:

makeup goody bag

makeup modules (handouts)


jewelry souvenirs from OLEIC gallery


Oleic Personal Makeup Workshop Schedule


Also, add Oleic Fashion Gallery’s Facebook fanpage here.


I totally forgot to bring any camera!!! Good thing I brought my N95 8G with me.


Makeup Class by Cielo

In our Natural look

Makeup Class by Cielo

Cielo teaching us how to blend bold colors… Isn’t she hot? ^_^

Makeup Class by Cielo

teaching us how to do a 50s look

Makeup Class by Cielo

that’s me in my “Red Lips” 50s look ^_^

I also learned how to put my own fake eye lashes this time!

Makeup Class by Cielo

Smokey Look next!!!

Makeup Class by Cielo

This is me ^_^, I actually wore this to the TV5 Trade Launch event right after 🙂

Makeup Class by Cielo

After this class, I started doing my own makeup… 🙂 every day… depending on the event / occasion

Makeup Class by Cielo

My makeup on Jojo’s exclusive interview (which she loved)

The earrings were giveaways from the Oleic Fashion Gallery

Makeup Class by Cielo

This is me… during Earth Hour lol

Makeup Class by Cielo

I forgot where I went… but this was another makeup I did

on Tagaytay

We also tried to put makeup on others 🙂


Us and our diplomas 🙂

Of course, the makeup class was really very helpful since I am hosting “Tek Tok TV” (Tech Talk TV) on GNN Channel 21 Destiny Cable exclusive. ^_^


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  4. thanks, this is very helpful. ive been seeing her ad before but i need to find friends i can go with to the workshop. thanks 🙂

  5. Hi do you know any background about Cielo?? Like her works, celebrities she has done and where did she learn her make up skills? Portfolio??

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