Massa and Schumacher

If you noticed, I had a little bit of an F1 hiatus. 



1.  I was surfing every weekend so I wasn’t able to watch any.

2.  Even if I catch up and see the results online, I still don’t have the luxury of time to blog about it.

3.  I am so caught up with my current project migration in our company.

4.  I izzzz jinxed!  Everythime I watch F1 2009, the Brawns win… all the time… I would love for them to win (but not as much as my team Ferrari) but them winning consecutively makes F1 b-o-r-i-n-g!  I missed watching the Chinese Grand Prix and the Redbulls win… every time I don’t watch F1, Brawns don’t win…


I regretted not having seen the Hungarian Grand Prix… this was the grand prix that Massa got into a critical accident.  He’s okay now but he can’t go back to the race track in the near future…


Massa’s replacement


Hiya!! I'mma rawk teh streets!


I could only wish it was me!  Imagine, a lady F1 driver hahaha (dream on lol)

anyway, not me but Michael Schumacher!  He’s un-retiring!

I am just so ecstatic with him coming back and that would mean I would see him in the Singapore GP!  I would see a legend!


TAFN, more soon…



More about the F1 grand prix and Michael Schumacher on – the ultimate F1 blog!

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