My Pink Thong – Win FREE Kotex Luxe Special Packs

Hey everyone! So I got some cool giveaways from Kotex and thought I wanted to have some “fun” with them. Kotex appointed me, FlairCandy, to giveaway 15 sample packs of their new Kotex Luxe, the first ultra thin pad that gives you breakthrough fusion technology, a revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton on just one pad. No more compromises!

It’s true, I’ve tried it myself. The net really does hold it up.

il_430xN.36465872Well, anyway, I thought, we all spend so much money in nice underwear for ourselves, or for our boyfriends even. So I hate getting them dirty or stainy. I like my underwear the way they are, with nice bright blue colors, with sexy red laces, with cute purple polka dots or whatever. So for this contest, I’m going to pick 15 people, from the comments on this post. All I want you to do is to tell me: What is the color of your favorite pair of underwear. Just the color is fine, though details and descriptions are also welcome, and will probably give you a better chance of winning. (Email me pics if you want too and I’ll post it, EXTRA EXTRA points to that!!!)

Kotex Sanitary Napkin - Kotex Luxe2

So yeah, let’s have some fun! What’s your favorite color of panties that you own? Leave a comment on t his post and I’ll pick my favorite 15 answers to mail the 15 specialsample packs from Kotex! YAY! This contest will expire on Valentines Day, Feb 14 at midnight. Anyone in the Philippines can join even those in the provinces! Hurry and comment now!

This contest will expire on Valentines Day, Feb 14 at midnight.

Just having some fun with my girls! FlairCandy is being a FlirtCandy now…. teeheeheee.

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  9. the color of my favorite panty is blue, with doraemon’s face at the back 😀 yeah, and my boyfriend keep on laughing when he saw it.. hahaha

  10. A red glow-in-the-dark boyleg cut undie, with a line that reads “Yours For The Taking” at the back. Believe me, it never fails to get my hubby’s attention, and it get’s him standing in no time!

  11. Wow fun and cool giveaway! Heehe. Wish I was in the Philippines to join this. Well, I would say my favourite would be in black and red laces, sexy and mysterious! Wont be eligible to enter but just for the fun of it! Haha ;p

  12. Sadly, I no longer have that underwear that i could tag as my most favorite. Actually it’s a set of three underwear, a naughty set at that. It comes in soft, paste colors of yellow, pink and blue – with different prints on the front, one says: Yes; the other says: No! and the last one says: Maybe. What the messages means is well, up to your interpretation, but well we all pretty know what it all means. hehehe 🙂

  13. i like my red panty best because i feel oh so hot!hot!hot! when im wearing it… of all, my hubby loves seeing it on me…

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  16. my favorite color of undies is black with a touch of dainty ribbons and laces.. It has to be “V” cut to add sexiness.. to be paired with black bra as well..

  17. My fave undies would have to be my purple panty with cute Mickey Mouse on them. I’ve always loved purple and they say it’s the color of royal bloods. Wearing them makes me feel like I’m a princess. It fits me to a T. My purple undies feel like I’m not wearing anything underneath, because it’s close to my skin.

  18. I’ve always love bikini strings, so sexy… , plain white, no decorations on it. When i tend to move my hips onward with my undies it I always have that great confidence and it seems that the energy exudes for it will always turned out that when I am wearing it most guys tend to land their eyes on my hips..Love it.

  19. My favorite is my La Senza PURPLE thong with heavenly lace material. It’s comfy and gives me that extra confidence when I wear it. I actually bought five of it in different colors but it’s a different feeling when I wear the PURPLE one. And oh, someone saw me wear it and said PURPLE is now his new favorite color. LOL!

  20. My favorite is this Victoria Secret underwear, this is color Purple with pink color on the lace. It is embroided with VS and a little cat in a gold color. 🙂 so cute..

  21. My favorite pair of underwear are the topshop knickers i purchased last year. they have a white background with a demure flowery design and have pink ribbons at the sides. 🙂

  22. I have a lovely black lace thong from La Senza which I really love. It’s no show too! Can’t have those visible lines when wearing sexy dresses 🙂

  23. yo hanchi! i’ve been reading ur blog for sometime now and this is just my first time to reply to ur post. ahihi..! hmmm, this one made me think. Since im not too conscious on panties, and where anything my hand gets from my closet. But there’s this set that I like best. They come in different colors – carnation pink, purple, light blue and green. I love the carnation pink, it makes me so girly. haha!

    Ciao, hanch! And God bless to ya! *miss u!*!

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  26. My favorite would have to be my bright purple lace with black lace around the border. 🙂 purple and black are my favorite colors.

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