Candy’s first Philippine Blog Awards experience

It’s my fifth month being in the blogosphere and yet, I drove myself all the way into another fantastic blogxperience! All of my support being put on Batang Yagit to have the “Blogger’s Choice Award” title.

Pictures speak lounder than words so for this post I’d rather hush the texts and let the pictures talk.. (or rather let the comics talk :P) Enjoy!!! 

 PBA 1













More of Candy’s Philippine Blog Awards experience here.  Check it out! You might see your face there >.<

 I will still be updating this post!  So please do come back for more! 😀

By the way… to all my plurk-blogger friends… I wasn’t able to have my hair cut… (Okay, that was random)… I was just happy to meet my ka-plurks face to face at the evet! Wishing we could chitchatity-chat more soon.





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  1. hiya there. nice meeting you last night.
    cool site :D. hope to see ya around (that is if iam still alive for the next couple of days) hehehe.
    congrats to winston!

    betsy aka phaelun of the east 😀

  2. *whee* wow dami na nag comment ah umuwi lang ako ng bahay 🙂

    @phaelun – sama ka ulit sa ibang events ha promise??

    @Batang Yagit – yeah dude!

    @Jehzlau – get’s nyo na ba ang “lock jaw”???

    @Allen – haha !! Congratulasi!!

    @Paul – Thanksss =)

    @Dexter – singapore ka diba? punta ako jan this week weh

    @I Am Downloader – LOLs next events 🙂

  3. @Roanna – ahaha dapat may cliquebooth tayo sa nuffnang events!

    @Aldwin – haha thanks for dropping by sure =)\

    @Ada.. magparegister n kse nx time =)

    @Kim – welcome to the blogosphere!!! sure I like your layout btw,,, I’ll link you in a jiffy

    @Deepak! haha.. do you know that lockjaw thing? LOLS good times 🙂 thanks deepak, you were there in my first month of blogging…. Thank you… you kept me going!!

  4. rock in roll!! \m/

    it was indeed a nice experience im sure, lalo na kung nkapunta me.. hakhakahak..

    ayus rin ung streaming.. kaso ng offline bgla.. hehehe…

    weeeeeeeee !!

  5. kakatuwa naman mga pix niyo mukhang angsaya-saya 🙂 next year sana makaatend ako hihi. .:) paexchange links poh pala kung pwede my blog is at @ Daniel Dumas :: Mr. Night Man thanks! add na poh kita sa blogroll ko visit nalang poh ulit me later thanks! 🙂 nga pala nice layout. .alam mu ba kung saan nakakakuha nung mga parang baby na 2 lang buhok hehe i mean yung mga cartoon sa footer at header kakatawa kasi nakakita ako dati gif xa

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