Qualifying Grid: F1 2010 Sepang Grand Prix Malaysia – Pole Position

The big highlight of the whole F1 competition was that again, rain poured on the Sepang Circuit.  Last year’s Sepang Grand Prix in 2009, the race was stopped due to very heavy rainfall that did not just clear right away.  This year, we witness another rain in the circuit but this is just the qualifying.  We should watch out for the final game tomorrow to see if it still rains.  We hope this is not the case though as we want to see our F1 heroes finish the race.

Anyway, to sum it all up here is the F1 2010 Sepang Grand Prix Malaysia Grid for tomorrow.  Notice that Mark Webber got the pole position for Red Bull – Renault and Nico Rosberg got the Second spot on the grid for Mercedes, leaving Schumacher a bit behind on 8th place.  Still, not bad… but by now, we all think Schumi’s performance will improve and to think that he is the “Rain Master” in F1, he did not shine at all this time.  We’ll see tomorrow if he scores it up for Mercedes.


source: F1 Fanatic blog

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