Quan Spa at the Marriott Hotel Manila

“Quan” is a Chinese word that means “a source of pure water”

Water is an abundant natural element of life – health, wellness and energy.  Just as I entered the lobby of Quan Spa, that was exactly how I felt.



I was greeted by the polite staff of Quan Spa who then offered me a comfortable seat in their lobby and a refreshing Pineapple Ginger and Honey drink.



It was one hectic week for me filled with a ton of workload, hosting gigs and events I covered.  My body was screaming for some little rest and recreation time.  Quan Spa was a perfect venue for me to destress.


I went straight to Quan Spa after work.


I go to a spa at least twice a month.  I work my body so hard from doing pole, my brain gets squeezed enough from writing articles and brainstorming new campaigns and to top it off, I have critical events that I need to cover which means much stress to my body.  After all this, I give time to pause and refresh.

I have been to different spas locally and abroad and I’d still say, Quan Spa is the one to beat.  Not only are their facilities, façade and ambiance impressive, the service that I got from their therapist was also quite something.  Let me share that to you in detail.


This is their main lobby.  They are also selling beauty and bath & body products.


This is their women’s locker room.  I just took a peek!

If I wasn’t in a rush, I would have loved to explore more of their hot pool and dry sauna.

Guests who check in at the Marriott Hotel have free access to these facilities!


fresh flowers everywhere <3


The therapist led me to my massage room through a private bathroom.

I am obsessed with beautiful bathroom and toilets!


It has all the complete bath kit you can think of from Towels, lotion, dental cleaning kit, disposable underwear etc.


A blogger has to do what she has to do…

Take photos before actually dipping in to the experience. 

I do this to make the memory last Smile


I didn’t take photos of the actual massage room because I realized I was already almost naked and ready to get my therapy done.  I got the De-Stress Massage which they recommended.  The name speaks for itself and yes, I do need to de-stress. 

This type of massage commenced with an application of therapeutic warm Moor mud to relax and soothe the back muscles and provide additional benefits such as reducing inflammation of the muscles, joints and sprains.  The benefits of this massage were enhanced by a micro-emulsified oil so that all vitamins are easily absorbed by the skin, delivering the ultimate skin nourishment and repair.  This lasted for an hour and a half.

The massage was so good that I was able to sleep – and I barely sleep when I’m getting a massage!  My back felt so good like all the tension left!


After the massage they have a room that I call “recovery room”


I didn’t really ask what this area was called but they let us stay here to relax some more while sipping some hot tea.


This experience was fit for a princess (or a prince) and I just felt like one.  Quan Spa is ideal for businessmen who want to de-stress after a tough meeting, for travelers who have ample time before their next flight (as Quan spa is near the airport), for spa aficionados and for those who want a taste of the good life.


More pictures here.

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