Rediscovering Asian Pop

Back when I was in my third year in high school (I was 14), I got addicted to the world of K-Pop and J-Pop!

There was no internet at my house yet at that time.  All I had for entertainment are those installed Microsoft games on my computer and Cable TV.  That was when I was introduced to the Korean culture via Arirang TV.  Despite the fact that I don’t understand Korean, I found myself singing along to the music videos.  I became a fan since then. I also followed some of the famous Korean and Japanese artists like G.O.D., Shinhwa, SES, NRG, S#arp, Boa and many others.  I involved myself in the Korean culture and I somehow learned the language (how to read and write) along the way!  I also watched the Koreanovelas that have subtitles in English.

I struggled to find CDs of Korean and Japanese artists before.  I was contacting people in Korea and asked help if they can buy me a CD.  I am not sure if e-bay or Amazon existed at that time.  For sure, there was no iTunes yet.  No YouTube!  All I had were forums.  Little did I know, that there’s a growing fan base in Manila as well.  There were forums existing for K-pop and J-pop but only a few are involved yet.

When I got into college and I was busy with my Accounting program, I barely watched TV or anything else.  This is where I lost updates on K-pop and J-pop.

Fast Forward to 5 years after, I found myself in Manila.  I met another girl who is a fan of k-pop and j-pop.  She’s funny, she’s sexy… She is Kring Elanzano!  I was so amazed to know that another girl is so into this genre of music!  After a year, I hear “Nobody but you” on the radio and 2NE1’s “Fire.”  Then I realized that a lot of people here in the Philippines already discovered K-pop and J-pop.  Even my mom sings Nobody but You.

Right now, there are new emerging Korean and Japanese artists that influence our music industry here in the Philippines.

My focus right now is on the Sizzlin’ sensation Japanese artist – Amuro Namie!

namie amuro 3

She is a Japanese singer and I am very fond of watching her music videos on YouTube.  Check it out by yourselves if you know what I mean 🙂

namie amuro 12 namie amuro 11 namie amuro 5

She’s 30 yet she looks very young and fit!  She’s someone I definitely want to be when I’m 30!  She is also a great dancer!  Something I also need to get back to.  She made me realize that it’s not too late to get back into dancing!  She has a growing following here in the Philippines and that’s because of her unique style to her singing and dancing.  You should see how she dances.

namie amuro 7

She looks so effortless when she does her moves, but she executes it perfectly.  And her facial expression when she dances is priceless.  She looks so hot and innocent at the same time when she dances, she’s definitely one entertainer!

Amuro is a celebrated icon in the Japanese entertainment biz whose name has always gone along the tags Japanese singer, entertainer and former actress. At the height of her popularity, she was referred to as the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music”. In the country at present, she is becoming more and more known as the Japanese singing sensation who’s gone “wild”; wild at the charts and wild at heart.

Her music right now involves electro-pop beat with all the spunk and energy, owning the spotlight with her refreshing sexiness and edgy style.  It’s the beat you’ll love to dance with.  I even hope they play this in local Philippine clubs!

Since Anime, Otaku, Gamers, Comics lovers and Cosplayers here in the Philippines are greatly influenced by the J-pop culture, J-pop music is also becoming a part of their interests.

Amuro’s hit single “Wild” was released in the Philippines recently. The dance/R&B/club driven track features the music of michico and T. Kura of Giant Swing Productions.  A catchy danceable song that has a futuristic groove into it, Wild showcases a good harmony between Amuro’s matchless vocals and upbeat music (not to mention, her amazing dance choreography!). Upon the release of the chart-topping single in Japan, it became Amuro’s 11th number one single.

Anyway, check out her music video of the song “Wild” Trust me, you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.


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  1. OMG!! I am so totally love this girl too she is like Lee Hyori who is Queen of Pop in Korea..that is why I love her too coz she got the moves and the voice…I’m actually digging more of her this past few months…. yeah super nag-emerge na talaga ang K-POP and J-POP here ate…and I never thought na isa ka rin pala sa mga fans like me weeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3 love love em <3

  2. even my hubby sings to nobody but you, and my little boy is glued to the monitor when we play the video of nobody but you. that girl is really pretty! will try to check out her vids.

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