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If only I can afford to watch this I would! The city of Rome is perfect for me before, and even better, it will have F1 soon! It is NIRVANA! lol It is a street circuit and I love street races because the race gets more interesting, dramatic, and messy car crashes happen!  This should push through in 2012. That would be 3 years from now. Can I save for that trip in 3 years? lol … I don’t think so. I also hope they would have amber lounge there!  Not that it would do me good if they have one there, unless, I would get invited. LOL I’m obviously dreaming…

Anyway the Rome grand prix shouldn’t be an alternative to the Monza circuit so I believe that the Rome street circuit is an additional track.

The Formula 1 Grand Prix in Rome ‘is not’ alternative in Monza ‘. He said the mayor of the capital, Gianni Alemanno, ‘may exist’. ‘The two circuits – stated – can not only coexist but rather help each other in terms of visibility’. So no one wants to remove the circuit at Monza and take it to Rome.




Take a look at those sharp curves!

Rome F1 Circuit Specs

circuit length: 4.800 km

Grand Prix distance: 66 laps

Number of bends: 28

Amb Temp: 32 degrees

Track Temp: 41 degrees

Wind speed: 8Ms/sec

Humidity: 45%



1.  Rome F1 Grand Prix official site at the site is in Italian though 😛

2.  More about the Rome circuit here.

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