Running 10k

Officially I ran:

5k – Saving Sights for the Children of RBI, my first run ever (34 mins)


10k – Miles for Smiles (01:22:27)


I couldn’t even believe I made it! *faints* look at that happy face on the finish line!



just recently, I ran the BlueWater Day spa run for 10k again.

and here’s my PHAIL story…

We arrived just on time but I was not familiar with parking lots during the run at that time so it took us a while before we could properly park.  I drank lots of fluids 30 mins before the race and because of that, I felt the need to pee!!! I have a peanut bladder and I hate that I have to deal with it all the time grr!  There was a line in the portalets (not sure how you spell it, those portable toilets).

And so I though, I’d ask people for other toilets.  I saw the booth of Easy Phamax wheat grass and drank a tiny cup of wheat grass juice to fuel up my run!

Just then, I heard the countdown…




(what the) ?


holy crap, it’s the 10k countdown…

so I rushed to the starting line and ran without even thinking of a solution of what to do with my bladder.

I was so distracted while I was running my first 100 steps @_@ and so I asked the marshals if there is any toilet that I can pass by.  I was sure they wouldn’t know anything about toilets in the course track and that was exactly their reply.

I wanted to stop running and come back to where the booths are and pee and not join the race anymore, but I don’t know why I still kept running.  I think I ran 1 km when I realized it was too late to go back.  I realized that the track will pass by seaside!  and so, I thought of the many restaurants there.

*AHA* !!!  I will pee in one of those restos!

AHA my FACE!!! It was 6am and all of them are closed!!! EPIC PHAILNESS!!! I DIEEEEEE LEH!

I kept running because if I need to go back, I would need to run back anyway. HUHU!

I still kept asking people around for restrooms because I was hell desperate!  Finally, I saw a Police officer on a motorcycle and asked him if he knew any toilet nearby.  “Ah, yes maam, we have a toilet in our Police station”, he said.  YAYE! I ran towards their office which was located somewhere in the seaside restos.  I took me to a creepy corner.  Creepy because it was only me, and him… I realized then, that I was in a dangerous situation.  This place, people wouldn’t know I’m here… *gulps* and so I tried to be very sharp on every detail and how I thought about how I would run and how I would punch him if ever he’ll do something sleezy.  Good thing a lady police officer was there too and long story short, I was able to pee!

I finished the race at 1:28:49 … I didn’t beat my record like I hoped I would but I was only behind for 6 minutes.  I think my peepee time stalled me for 15 minutes because I had to stop by all the marshalls and ask for the restroom.

I’m still happy I made it before 1:30…


One lesson learned… DON’T be late, arrive at the runs early especially if you’re not familiar with parking.

and… PEE first!

BTW, If you’re looking for the Blue Water Day Spa run results, it’s here.

‘Till the next run!

*photo credits to Cheryl


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  1. Gosh, I didn’t know about this run. Sayang, I was an intern an RBI. 🙁 That’s a good time though. The last thing I do before I run is actually pee. LOL good luck on your next runs!

  2. I can’t imagine how you even manage to park your car, go to the starting line before the run started and even asked directions to a comfort room. You’re lucky, other people’s experience was stomach ache and muscle cramp. Congratulations on your run. Hope to see you in one of the future runs.

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