Self-pity is a way of paying attention to oneself, albeit negatively; it is a means self-soothing or self-nurturing.

– Just got that description out of Wikipedia.

Apparently, it’s attempting to gain something out of yourself, then you fail. It’s like you helped yourself a lot of times to get someone’s attention, to get a job done and to get things done even just for yourself then you FAIL.

It’s like going on a diet and exercising over and over again, but you don’t get any skinnier.   It’s like trying to be good in public speaking, but every time you try to speak in front of people, you stutter. You practiced your speech all night long, you looked stupid talking to yourself in the mirror as you try to practice your lines – then you froze in the middle of your sentence.

I think self pity happens when you did the best that you can, you gave all your heart out and you gave enough hard work anyone ever could ever expect of you – and then you FAIL.

It’s easy to fall trap into this world with your own self. A replica of you trying to bring you down and discourage you to try even harder.

Everyone must have experienced this too.   It’s just a matter of facing it or probably just not taking ourselves way to seriously.

I have a friend who took the board exam – and she FAILed.  She took it again , then she failed AGAIN.  She took it one more time, and failed.  On her 5th attempt to pass the board exam she PASSED.

Was she ever down? Did she feel really bad about herself? OF COURSE! But she didn’t let this little devil shadow of her own self take control of her.

If you really want something (and you’re honest that you really want it), and you try and believe“ you will get it.

Sometimes, it’s just also nice getting help from other people. People who are sensitive enough to think you need a little push are a blessing.  But if people don’t help you, “HELP YOURSELF!

That’s one lesson I can share to you all. Don’t count on other people.   You can’t control them, and definitely forcing them is not a solution.   It’s nice to get some help from people if they offer.   But if none, DO IT YOURSELF.   Trust yourself to get things done on your own.   You don’t have to need anyone.

This is just a story of a girl who’s trying to get over being down a lot, that’s why she created this blog so that she can feel good about herself.   Most of the time you will see me smiling.   But there are nights where I feel drained and vulnerable.   Like I won’t even know if I would regret posting this blog post.

(I don’t make sense anymore do I?)

Anyway, looking forward to halloween!


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  1. Very well said, Hannah. I think there’s nothing wrong with being emo at times especially when things don’t go your way. We are human beings and we’re fragile no matter how we try to hide our real feelings. We get hurt and upset with things and people. It’s ok to get help and moral support from others, but i believe that everything depends on you. Like for example, you want to be a good blogger yet people are discouraging you by calling you names and stuff. It’s ok to cry and rant, but what’s next? If you’ll be discouraged and do nothing to improve your craft, you’ll end up feeling sorry for yourself with lots of regrets. Continue to improve and learn.

    I wrote a similar entry last year with the same title, but it’s all about love. I guess though in that part i had no choice but to rant and just move forward and continue to believe in love again haha 😛

    Nice post Nahnah! Missed these types of posts from you 😀

    Watch Eat Pray Love, ok? 😀

  2. IKR, I try to separate my personal posts on a different blog, but I just want to share stuff like this to readers this time. I think nabasa ko yan haha.. oh well. that’s the way life goes 🙂

    Eat pray love it is… coincidence coz two people recommended me to watch that just for today.

  3. Finally I have found a sensible blog. 🙂 I am trying to visit all the personal blogs in the TopBlogs Philippines list to browse some great stories where I can get some good lessons. I’m also blogging for personal development topics and I found your blog interesting. And yes you are just right, self-pity is just one of those bad things that are trying to overcome your own strength and power. Our greatest enemy can be ourselves. That’s why we need to have a self-defense that can help us defeat our own worst self – such as a self who is stuck in the state of self-pity. Oh…this comment box is really pink. You are such a lovely lady. 🙂

  4. aww 🙂 thanks so much Vic… I’m not self-pittying anymore knowing someone left an uplifting comment on my blog 🙂 I think it’s also about finding an inspiration. thanks for inspiring me today 🙂

  5. You know I always tell myself that it is okay to be angry and to self-pity sometimes, what is not okay is to stay angry and to stay feeling sorry for yourself for a long time. I guess sometimes the soul needs to go through this just so it can feel that hey, I have a human aspect after all. The important thing is, after giving yourself a few minutes, okay a few hours, okay half a day, okay okay the whole night to feel this way, the next minute your time in the grouchy chair is up, you get up and go out in the world, with your face smiling, ready to take on whatever punches life throws your way with one quick, powerful jab after the other!=)

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