Technology Triggers My ESP


That’s a bold statement up there… but yep, I think that I am super techie even for my own good that what triggers my ESP (if I have one) is Technology.

Last year, I wrote one dedicated blog post about how I think I had ESP.  You can read about it here if you are masipag enough :P.

I freak myself out a lot of times!!!  I gave examples of situations that are totally creepy but cool on my ESP post above.  One thing about my ESP is that I can only feel something to happen within the next minute.  The most I think is 24 hours.  Other than that, I don’t think I can feel what happens in the distant future.

Another thing that I noticed lately that most of it is “Technology” related!

Jeng… Jeng… Jeng…!

Situation #1  The Cellphone

Most of the time I have my phone lying around and I am busy and so engrossed tinkering with my computer or watching TV or DVD, then all of a sudden I panic thinking “whoah where’s my cellphone someone might text me” a second or 2 later it rings / alerts me of a new message.

– SometimesI think my brain detects radio signals or has an invisible antenna of its own lol.  Sometimes I think that it receives sms signals and it alerts me before it alerts the phone for a message.

Situation #2 The Radio

Another thing that always really happens to me, like I thought at first this is always a coincidence but it just really is happenning too often for my skepticism to this idea melt, is when I say I am in a car driving while listening to music.  Suddenly I just feel like looking to the right and I see a billboard with the word “vacation” then synchronized with the lyrics of the song (or sometimes what the dj says) is also the word “vacation.”

– again with the radio signals lol

Situation #3 The Internet

About 2 years ago, I was heartbroken like mad.  I’m over it but if you will notice my archive 2 years ago, it’s super emo like I want to slap myself now reading it lol.

I plurked saying “I think I need to go to Church.” and Sonnie suggested me to join a Christian Group that he suggested if I’m interested.  Later that night I asked him about the Christian Group and he gave me a link to their site. I was about to type the url address of the site when I noticed that, the site was open on my window already @_@…

– from this blog post

– this one, I got really freaked out a little bit lol.  It was a bigger sign more than anything.  I even tried to click “back” on the website but it had no “history”  You can read the rest of that story by clicking the link above.

Situation #3 The Globe Event

Okay, so this time, it’s a Globe event… you know what it means… cellphone everywhere, techie people, 3G, GPRS, EDGE network of globe… more radio signals and everything tech!

So this ESP thing happened just recently and I was getting more and more convinced that my ESP is triggered by technology.  Vince and I were invited to Globe’s launch of their Flagship stores.  Thanks Coy for always inviting us to super cool Globe events 🙂

Will talk about the event in details later 🙂

Anyway, there’s a raffle at the end and when they said that, I immediately just had the super strong feeling that I will win something!  I don’t usually get that feeling but that night, when it was announced, it was super strong.  We were supposed to go to another event but I really felt I need to stay for the evening.  Vince had to go to the other awesome event as well, but I decided to stay on the Globe launch.  I also kinda missed hanging out with my other blogger friends who were there and it was also one of the reasons why I stayed (NUKS!)  Pero totoo guys! SWEAR! I miss you gaisss!

So Vince said goodbye to me… When he said goodbye… I didn’t want to let go of his hand for some reason!!!  (Let’s not get mushy guys lol)  That same time he was leaving, I had a feeling that it WASN’T ME who is going to win… but HIM!  I tried to convince him to stay… but he failed…

“Sige, kung gusto mo, iwan ka nalang dito” he said.

“Okay.” that’s was all that I can say… Malay ko ba that my ESP(n) is telling me something.


“Wait a minute” – I said to myself.

The feeling of me not winning and Vince winning was getting strong… the whole night after he left, I felt kinda nervous for some reason… my hands were cold and my heart was palpitating a bit fast and normal…

The names are being raffled out already… some people already won…

Hindi ako mapakali! (I couldn’t stay still) “should I text him?” eh what if he won’t win rin naman… what basis do I have?

“wag na.”

and the host goes “Next item will be a _____” I didn’t hear the item they were raffling out but at this time, they were all cellphones already.  Someone said “iPhone” so I thought it was an iPhone…

and the lucky name is… yep… that’s right folks… I saw his name on the TV Screen…



that’s my story…

If you want to know how Vince felt… read this.

So I told Vince the whole ESP(n) story I had… I told him about my other ESP(n) moments before but he was just laughing at me lol.  I guess after this incident he somehow acknowledged some little bit of possibility that I could have the tiniest bit of psychic in me… 😛

“From number 1 – 15, what number am I thinking?” He blurted randomly while he was driving us home.

“13” – it was the first number that came into my mind for some reason.


was all he can say… I got it right 😛

‘Till the next ESP(n),



*Photo credits to Yoshke Dimen.

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  2. I know you told us the story about the ESP(n) moments! Naku Hannah girl!!!! Embrace it! You could be the next “Madam Auring” *bwahahahhaha* 😀 Sorry its Hannah Auring! Ooopss! 😛

  3. Hello Hannah. I’ve stumbled upon your site while searching for the term “synchronicity”. I think that’s how properly it is called, as what my dad told me so. I just want to say grabe, we have the same experience, and I so can relate to you! In the past I have wondered if there are also people like me. During the day, I often would have these events happening that so relate (if not exactly relate) to each other and that would happen at the same time! I find it weird as well, but people say it is a gift. 🙂 I guess I’ve said too much already, have a nice day, and hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  4. oh WOW!!! Thanks for sharing that siD. I often wonder if it’s just only me or, is it common enough and does it happen to everyone? Apparently, you’re the first person I know who has what I think I have… lol, anyway, good time… cool stuff I think if this is developed lol… Keep in touch and let me know if there is any progress ^_^

  5. Exactly. I so feel the radio + the billboard synchronicity. This one time I was on the road and in the car I was listening to Avril lavigne and I was like singing her song and all that. Then suddenly it was traffic, then when I looked up BAM! there goes Avril Lavigne’s face on the photo in the billboard! it was so weird and it happened not just once. There’s just so many more I want to mention hahah perhaps I should make a blog about it as well. cheers to our gift!

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