The Coca-Cola Music Studio for Pinoy Music Pride

Music makes me happy and it is definitely a big part of our lives as I myself can’t imagine a day without music! Even when I’m down, I would always find comfort in music.  When I’m happy, I’d love to dance with it!  And when I’m hyper – I sing to it!  You will often find me featuring different songs and artists on my blog from international artists, decoding lyrics to featuring our own local flavor as well.  I also appeared in the new music video of April Boy Regino and his son JC Regino (ehemz ehemz link here).  I was also a part of the first music video of independent solo artist Chris Masami.

Coca-Cola Music Studio

Coke Studio (2)

If you love music like me, here’s some good news for the local music industry!  Coca-Cola just launched their “Coca-Cola Music Studio” website where you can witness the country’s top musicians from different genres come together to deliver fresh Pinoy sound with every session.  It’s their way of connecting to pinoy teens (teens like me :P) who are deeply passionate about music!

It’s always fun to hear local pinoy music on bars.  I have my own list of favorite local artists but  8 of them will actually be featured on MYX every 5:30 – 6:30 pm on Sundays with replays at 7:30 – 8:00 pm every Tuesday.  The MYX TV episode is called the Coca-Cola Music studio where you will find your local favorite artists perform and whose songs will be mashed up for the very first time!

Take note that the website will post the different episodes that aired on MYX but will also have EXCLUSIVE content only uploaded on the website.

Join the fun and open happiness by visiting their site


Coca-Cola Music Studio Episode 1

Watch the first installment of the Coca-Cola Music Studio, your online location to see and hear exclusive OPM hits and collaborations.

Hear the music of Pedicab “Simulan Mo Na”, Kyla’s version of Kenny Roger’s classic “Heart to Heart”, Songe Cola’s “Bitiw” and Aristotle Pollisco a.k.a. Gloc-9 with his band singing “Sumayaw.”

Group 1

Gloc-9 and Tanya Markova mash-up


Group 1

Pedicab and Yeng Constantino mash-up

There will be more mash-ups and performances so remember the following dates and watch MYX:

  • Every Sunday at 5:30 – 6:30 pm
  • Every Tuesday replays at 7:30 – 8:00 pm

Watch out for more artists:

  • Gloc-9
  • Tanya Markova
  • Pedicab
  • Yeng Constantino
  • Sponge Cola
  • Jay R
  • Kyla
  • General Luna

How I wish i can watch them perform live on their studio… Don’t you think it would be awesome!  I also want to “jam” with them, but I think that would be asking for too much 😛

Be updated and view the hits that bring you happiness, amplified by Coke Music Studio. Open Coca-Cola. Open Happiness.

Coke studio badge

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  1. Mabuti naman at may ganitong promotion ang coke for our artist in the music industry. Well, good luck po.

    By the way, Songe Cola’s “Bitiw”? I think Sponge Cola.

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