The Verdict: Listerine Total Care Challenge

I didn’t have to wait 6 weeks to see and feel the results myself. I always complain that my gums are sensitive and always bleeding. And I hate flossing so much because my teeth are all crammed in my tiny mouth! Much plaque and food residue get stuck in between my teeth. And this causes irritation to my gums that causes it to bleed.

I hated flossing because it makes my gums bleed! But you know I had to take a challenge. I have to be honest, I didn’t floss everyday @_@ But yeah after two weeks of Brush, Floss, Rinse … I noticed my gums not bleeding anymore even if I have to floss it! Then and there I know for sure that Listerine is working for me!

I was so happy because this has often been my problem! Bleeding sensitive gums.

Again, as a recap… I took the challenge, along with other bloggers, to test Listerine Total care for 6 weeks for healthier teeth!

Most of us take care of our skin, hair, our digestive system, muscles etc., but most of us take for granted our oral care! Teeth!!!

But you know what they say, a smile can brighten someone’s day, so you gotta have that nice smile 🙂

Going back, here’s how I tracked my progress.


Week 1: Listerine Total Care Challenge Pre-Challenge Dental Visit

We were asked to go to Villareal Dental Clinic to have our teeth checked and scored!!!


Week 2: Total Care for Oral Hygiene Pledge

A promise to myself to prevent plaque buildup.  Plaque often leads to serious oral problems


Week 3: Smile

Flashing my whitest smile.  I can’t live a day without smiling even if I have a bad day.


Week 4: Chewing Gum Balls Video Blog

Testing how strong my teeth are!  I don’t know why a lot of people are amazed at this video.. Seriously


Week 5:  How Far Fresh Breath Took Me

oh yes… a league of super suitors by my doorstep 😛  But seriously, Fresh Breath gained me more friends.  Bad breath is actually repelling… I would love to hang out with you, but if I get distracted everytime you open your mouth, you’re just making it difficult 😛


Week 6:  Post-Challenge Dental visit…

another trip to Villareal Dental Clinic 🙂

listerine total care challenge villareal dental clinic

What I get from Pole dancing – always pointed toes!

villareal clinic listerine total care challenge

And the results are out!!!


Oh my goodness! To think that I dilute the mouthwash because it stings a little bit.  But you will get better results if you gargle as is – no diluting!  Also I didn’t even floss often but hey!  It definitely works!

I didn’t have my teeth cleaned in the clinic too just so that I really want to test how effective it is without any other dental intervention.  Now that it’s done, it’s time to have it cleaned!

Oh and there’s no change in odor but it actually scores 1 before and 1 after… 1 means barely noticeable odor and to think we ate an onion-full of burritos at Ristra’s before going to the dentist (without brushing teeth) lol

To find out more about Listerine and to take the challenge yourself,

Check out their official Facebook page:


I dare you to take the same journey I took towards Total Care for Oral Hygiene!

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  1. This got me thinking that I have to visit the dentist soon to have my teeth cleaned…again… All thanks to my vice/s. 🙁 Oh well,that’s what I get for not breaking out of the habit.haha

    Like this article though.. Keep it up, Hannah!

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