This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life in 2013

– and will also change yours Smile

The year is about to end and it’s time to replace your 2012 planners with a brand new one for 2013.

There are a few options in the market but let me share with you another planner you might want to consider getting that will definitely CHANGE someoene’s life in 2013.

The “CHANGE” 2013 Planner was made by FreeSpeech Publications and started way back 2008.  They are a publications company that goes beyond the ordinary.  Located in the sout of Manila, Philipines, their goal is to write and publish books that are visionary and life changing.  FreeSpeech believes that change is a need and a must in our daily lives.




Through the books that they publish, and with the partnership of their readers, they achieve their goals.  The actions of change will be spread across nations and borders.  If you are familiar with the journal back then that says “This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life,” then this 2013 “Change” planner is a predecessor to it.

I’ve already seen the features of the planner and like before, it is very helpful for personal growth and this edition is much better than it already was.

Planners could actually affect the lives of people.  With this in mind, they decided to publish an extraordinary journal that would further change people’s lives.  In the context of change, they partnered with Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.- a non-government organization in the Philippines that responds to the call of help and need around the world.

Know more on their official website


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