Touchdown on Kalibo Airport and Thinking About Sports

I am a total idiot!

I was excited by the thought of blogging while on the bus and uploading the pictures I took in the plane.

I just realized I left my connector on my big bag (which is inside the bottom compartment of the bus).

So here I am – ranting T_T


Anyway, good vibes 🙂


I am very happy I have a friend with me on-board.  His name is Aaron.  I am not sure if he will read this or not.  But since he reads my blog as well, I think he would lol.

Aaron and I met at La Union when I had a surf trip before.  His barkada just oozed out a “good-vibration” kind of Aura.  Meaning… their group reminded me of Reggae… but I am not even sure if they even love reggae or what not…


Aaron is a surfer as well… and he has gone to different surf spots in the Philippines with his group of friends.  They have gone to San Juan – La Union, Baler, Real – Quezon, and that surf spot in Camarines Sur that I couldn’t remember.  He told me how great it is to surf there in Cam Sur in that particular surf spot.  Beach break.  Friendly, Continuous waves… that’s what I want!  I need to plan this trip fast.

He has been inviting me to take my “Ultimate Frisbee” beginner’s course with them.  Either that or I could take pictures of them playing Frisbee.  I love taking sport shots as well.  Notice my F1 photography and surfing photography.  :D  I use my 70-300 mm lens 😀

Anyway, if I have time… I guess I could try this…

but since I am becoming a sports junkie already…


Longboard Skateboarding





and of course Dancing….

I need to prioritize… before my bank account gets drained again from satisfying all of my hobbies…

Hobbies are another thing… and to list them”:


*all above sports are hobbies as well



Gadgets (learning to minimize expenditure on this… no wait what? oh that’s right – I JUST BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP!!! **/wrist**

Games (I stopped a li’l bit)





*and almost each month, the list is expanding **gulps**


Anyway, I am thinking sports, because I am so excited in covering the Nestea Fit Camp event in Boracay that I just want to call superman and ask him to deliver me there by himself…

But, since the man doesn’t exist, I need the plane… and now stuck on a bus going to Caticlan… I wanted to sleep at first but I can’t coz I’m WAY … WAY… WAY… TOO EXCITED!!!


So, I just channeled this special dose of energy to writing 🙂


That’s it… I love sports… and now, I am obsessing on getting fit… 😀


In the meantime, I will upload the pictures once we land on Boracay island itself and check in the hotel


Okay, I have 1.5 hours left… what to do?

Sun Broadband isn’t working here in the roads of Aklan or Kalibo btw and my Globe Tattoo Prepaid doesn’t have a load… so I am using my phone’s mobile unlimited internet by Smart.  It costs P1,200 per month for unlimited mobile internet (that you can use to browse through on your laptops/desktops)

I am also testing the Sony Cybershot TX1 (YAYE!!!)

That’s why I’m excited to upload the photos ASAP…

so far, completely SATISFIED with it… like I wanna buy one… or beg SONY to give it to me *ahuk… ahuk… ahuk…*

So please come back after like 3 hours to check out the pictures.

I am surprised that I am not yet dizzy even if I’m blogging on the bus… Geeky science friends… dare to explain why?  I get motion sickness all the time… but for now… no motion sickness!!! This is AWESOME!!!

Pictures taken by Sony Cybershot TX1

[flickr album=72157623785816689 num=20 size=Medium]

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  1. I love the shots of the Cyber-shot TX1! The food looks yummy…what is it!

    Hope to go back to Bora soon! 😀

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