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A  Confused Teenager

A girl in her teenage years would usually grow up confused with her body transformation. That was me. I went into puberty earlier than my classmates and I thought it was a horrible thing to have my chest growing. My classmates teased me and I slouched all the time, uncofortable of this change.

hannah cheerleader

I was a dancer too and it involved a lot of jumping and moving around. I was embarrassed to ask my mom for undergarment, but I had to. We went to the mall and my first bra is actually Triumph.

As far as I remember, Triumph has been around and recently I just found out that they have been around for about 130 years already! They know what they’re doing and years and years of research, development and experience made them a leading brand in feminine lingerie and shapewear.

The New Trimph Sports Bra Collection.

I was so happpy to hear that Triumph has unveiled their new sports bra collection, tailored for women with active and sporty lifestyle. I am also very happy that being fit is becoming the norm in society. I am a firm believer of loving your own body shape and body type but imortantly, loving your body and becoming the best that you can be. If that does not make sense, all I’m trying to say is that health is wealth. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies. I am really happy that people are actively changing their lifestyles and now eat healthy and do more physical activities.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 01.05.15

Yaye for an awesome life, together!

The last thing that we want to worry about while we go for a good workout is our workout garments! Our bodies are different but it is important to find the right underarment that is reliable and give a full support we need. Triumph has been making lingerie since 1886 and I trust the reliability of the sports bra collection that they just crafted to low, medium and high impact support needs. All these styles are soft to the touch, suportive, yet comfortable, and are made of super breathable fabric while combining fit, comfort, and support for every kind of active lifestyle.

Low Impact Sprots Bra

The Low Impact Sports Bras come in two razorback styles. One is designed with a flattering low cut front and a thicker razorback, which comes in white and dark grey. The other was designed with a higher neckline for additional support and coverage and with a thinner razorback for a balanced feel, and is available in the colors pink and black. These two bras were made for comfortable low impact activities such as Yoga, basic floor exercises and Pilates.

UL Low Impact_Black_Back UL Low Impact_Black

UL Low Impact_WhiteUL Low Impact_White_back

Medium Impact Sports Bra

If you enjoy medium impact sports like jogging, cycling, cross training and body combat, then this is the bra for you. Add some flair to your sports outfit with the striped designof this sports bra, which come in bright red, cyan and black. It has a higher front to ensure that you don

t need to worry about readjusting yourself. A thicker mesh razorback is in place as well to make sure that your back receives adequate support to help improve posture.

UL Med Impact_Red_running

High Impact Sports Bra

This bra is made for freedom of movement and is ideal for ihh impact ball sports such as volleybal, football, basketball, including other actvities such as step aerobics, and Zumba.  The Hih Impact Sports Bra, too, comes in bright stylish pops of colors such as red, cyan, teal and the ever classic black, and is made with very breathable material while remaining functional and stylish enough to wear alone. It has a high front and the thickest straps to provide maximum support on its own so you can exercise without worrying about underwear malfunctions.

UL High Impact_Blue_2 UL High Impact_Red_back

Amy Ahomiro for Triumph Sports Bras

Amy Amohiro, the UAAP Season 77 Finals MVP player of the Ateneo de Manila University Volleybal team, has shed her share of blood, sweat and tars for the love of her sport. Seeing her inperson, and knowing about her achievements, I am pretty ure there was a lot of work and effort put there and she sure is the perfect girl to represent Triumph Sports Bras.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 01.04.51

We attended a Body Combat group class together (kilig) and she jumps super high!!! πŸ˜›
So whether you want something to simply wear around or to help you get the most out of your fitness routine, Triumph has something perfect for you. Visit the Triumph Store at Robinsons Place Manolia or one of their many branches at all major department stores nearest you and get fitted so you can find the one πŸ™‚

  Get fitted now πŸ™‚

   Fits me really well. High enough for chest coverage and I love the sexy razorback showing of the back that I’ve been working on teehee

  Me after our Body Combat class! Punch like a girl πŸ˜‰ 👊🏻



Me with Amy after Body Combat

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