Unboxing iPad Mini Powered by Smart LTE

Finally! The long wait is over!

My new iPad mini is here! It is powered by Smart LTE which is way better than just relying on wifi hotspots. I did a few speedtests regarding Smart LTE coverage and it is pretty impressive.

It was very hard which iPad I needed to get for me. I was choosing between the iPad mini or the iPad 4th gen with Retina. My end result obviously was I chose the iPad mini. Mainly because, with my line of work (work from home and social media), my travels and my blogging, I need a powerful device compact enough that I wouldn’t feel its weight inside my bad. Portability won over retina for me. iPad 4 hd way better specs though that’s why despite the fact that it is bigger, people still prefer it. In my opinion, iPad4 isn’t even that too heavy.

Since I’m a lover of free-writing, this iPad mini is quite a tool for me! I am currently writing this bog post using WordPress app for iOS. I can write blog posts on the go! take photos and post it instantly! I am SOoooo happy!

Anyway, here are a few unboxing photos. Details, specs and Smart LTE plans can be found <a href="http://here.

If you want to get your hands on the new iPad 4 or mini with Smart LTE, check out this poster.

Also visit this website:



Christmas got early!

Even the entire box can fit in my purse!

Smart LTE sim card welcome kit! 7 days unlimited LTE for free! I am currently enjoying very fast broadband speed!

The unit from Smart came pre-installed with games and apps including iPhoto, Garage bamd and iMovie for free! But if you don’t like, just reset. 😉

I was already able to use my new iPad mini powered by Smart LTE to cover an event at Resorts World Manila! My job got easier!!!

*This blog post is powered by Smart LTE using iPad mini and WordPress.

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