Wherefore Art Thou Jonah’s?

You know what they say.  You haven’t been to Boracay if you haven’t been to Jonah’s.  Jonah’s is well known for their shakes here in the island of Boracay.  They make a lot of shakes and mixes.  My favorite is Avocado – Mango Milk.  🙂 yum!

So there we were, on our first day in Boracay.  We strolled along the shores of Station 1 hoping to get our hands on this heavenly shake.  It was the afternoon and we saw people kite surfing (wind surfing).  It was fun looking at them and I would have wanted to try it myself but I conditioned myself to just chill in Boracay for the rest of our stay.

Just in case you don’t know yet, it’s pretty windy in Boracay from July to October.  Some people even surf here if the waves get bigger.

Anyway, we walked along the shore for a long time and we almost reached the “grotto” (rock).  I remember that Jonah’s never is after the grotto and we were like… “WHERE IS JONAH’S?”

We strolled again for a while hoping to find it… But it just wasn’t there!

And so we asked the locals…  they said that there’s no more Jonanh’s by the beach.  But they gave us instructions to their branch along Boracay Highway.  It was just a couple of minutes walk from our hotel – Astoria Boracay.

Apparently, their contract there on the land was over… That’s what they said… but I hope it’s not politics.  Business politics could get crazy here in Boracay.  Anyway, they will be back soon by October on the White Beach in Station 1 (but not exactly the exact location).

But as for now, visit their boutique restaurant near Crown Regency Boracay.

Jonah's Shake Boracay (1)

Jonah’s Shake Boracay (by the highway)

Jonah's Shake Boracay (2)

Outside the Jonah’s Fruit Shake and Restaurant Highway Branch (near Crown Regency)

Jonah's Shake Boracay (5)

Avocado Shake

Price ranges from P75 to P100++ depending on the mix of fruits

Jonah's Shake Boracay (6)

Mango Avocado shake

Jonah's Shake Boracay (4)

You can also have it “to-go”

Though it doesn’t look as nice as the one in glass 😛

Jonah's Shake Boracay (3)

A peek on Jonah’s shake menu

Jonah's Shake Boracay (7)

They also serve rice meals, pasta, burgers & fries, crepes, pancakes and others.

I tried ordering their mango crepe

Jonah's Shake Boracay (8)

Mango Crepe P90

It was just okay 😛

Now you know where to find Jonah’s


Thank you to Astoria Boracay for sponsoring our stay in Boracay 🙂



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  1. what?!!! they moved to the back? that’s got to hurt their sales. the whole point was to walk on the sand and get thirsty and then walk into jonah’s and have a shake. then walk again on the beach. boracay is really changing every minute.

  2. @Tim that is so true! They said they will be back on the white beach this October but not on the same location. I’m also not sure if it will still be in station 1.

    Another thing, Hey Jude isn’t at D’Mall anymore. They said they transferred somewhere (but I’m not sure where coz I didn’t walk the entire stretch of Boracay this time).

  3. Aww men, I remember waiting for the sun to set, while eating and drinking my shake @ Jonah’s last year 🙁 Love to tambay there e! 🙁 This is the second resto that I love that “moved back!” The first one was Cocomangas 🙁

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  5. No wonder I didn’t find it while walking along Station 1. Haha. I settled with Jony’s for a milkshake while waiting for the rain to end. It was pretty okay din. 🙂

    Thanks for the post, para next time I’m in Boracay I shall try an authentic Jonah’s. 🙂

    BTW, have you heard of Swirls Frozen Kefir? It’s somewhere along Station 1 as well, slightly farther away the grotto. It’s like frozen yogurt but yummier and supposedly even healthier.

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