Every Little Penny Counts–Financial Lessons from Mom

Oh, being a grown-up in this crazy world can be such a headache sometimes!  After I graduated college, I slowly transitioned into the real world.  It was an amazing experience!  For the first time in my life, I got to earn my own money!  Not only that, I get to decide for myself now: what job I take, what food I eat, what time I go home… Being TOTALLY independent is amazing!

Slowly, reality bit me inch by inch.  Bills arrived monthly and I know if I don’t organize my expenses, I would be in a whole lot of trouble.  My mom would always say “Every little penny counts!”  “You cannot make whole a hundred peso without this 50 cent!” 



I am very thankful for my mom’s wise financial advices.  My mom is quite a smart spender!  When we go to grocery stores, she would get products that offer extra freebies!  She would also use her card instead of cash to pay for groceries because she gets rewards in return.  This was years ago and slowly I’m becoming like her.


I live alone and I am fully in-charge of my expenses. Like mom, I spend wisely! I also told her about this new card that could do more wonders than what she is using. It’s the EastWest EveryDay MasterCard and so far, it has one of the best features I’ve ever heard from a credit card! My mom loves spending for clothes, shoes, bags and make-up too. Spending for the things that make her happy in life could make her even happier! I told her to read my blog about EastWest EveryDay MasterCard and you should too! 

If you use EastWest EveryDay MasterCard like I do, every little purchase on my non-essential items count!  Non-essentials include make-up, clothes, shoes, travel tickets and hotel bookings.  If my non-essential spending add up to P10,000, in turn – I would get a 5% cash rebate on my essential expenses like supermarket, gas and drugstore purchases.

Every month, I get to spend at least P10,000 for my “flair” lifestyle.  My mom would approve of this card’s concept because when I need to gas up for up to P5,000 every month, I get to save P250 (5%) right back!  P250 can already buy me a 1 hour body massage at my favorite spa place.  A treat I well deserve for working hard to earn my money!


My mom hates wasting money and now I know how hard it is to earn a penny.  She picks up every little penny she sees in my car and says “5 pesos can buy you tissue from the vendo.”  So every time there is an opportunity for you to save, grab it!  You can save up 5% depending on your spending.  You can check out my other blog post for a sample breakdown on how this thing works.

Or, you can also simply go to EastWest’s official website to learn about how this works and to apply for your own EastWest Everyday MasterCard now!

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