I am not a good blogger


So I was an audience to this talk about good blogging and elegant writing… Then I realized then and there that I’m a not-so-good blogger after all.

C’mon! I mean I admit it to my deepest soul that I have grammatically incorrect sentence structures and misspellings… 😛 Even my boss acts as an ad-hoc “editor” for my blog sometimes. I don’t know if he has the luxury of time to view my site again and correct my grammar misfortunes because he has not grabbed my attention about my blog lately.

See when I was blogging alone before (no solid audience), I couldn’t care less about what I write! I just know that I want to write about something passionately, or rant about things just to unload some emotions into artistic form! But now that I have frequent visitors and a “real” audience for this, I started to feel quite conscious about what I write and with this I think that I am not free writing anymore.

Free writing in my own flaircandictionary simply means to write as I think. This usually does not involve second view/reading or editing. I write what comes into my mind as it pops up instantly and there you go… a very messy blog post… 😛 hehe — A very sloppy one that if this was a real job and I’m paid for it and I have a very OC boss-editor, I think I’d fail my Performance Management! So I think I better put a disclaimer at the bottom of my posts. What do you think? Nah… I – lazy to do one 😛 hehe (see what I mean by sloppy? :P)

Actually, I really don’t care for the love of stylus and pen if people would give negative feedbacks or critique about my site! But I would love to hear them (good or bad) and if you have one so drop some mail love because I heart e-mails! I want to do more for this blog and I am serious about it so let me know what you think I can do more to improve it… I would appreciate those thoughts like hugs and kisses! 😀 (I am so animated even as I write pure text :P)

To those who have contacted me all the time and dropped some love thank you so much for those tidbits of flair mails 😀 and for always coming back you are the ones who keep me going with this… You drive my passion and I give back to you all that I have received!

It is my year – the year of the Ox (or shall I say the year of the Oks? – Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! and I’m gonna rock this year with Flair!

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  1. you should make this ur latest post! woooooooooooot! hehehe..,

    ok lang yan kahit mali mali sa grammar.. wala nga me makitang mali.. sa akin ang dami.. nyok.. at di koma edit kasi di ko alam paano gawing tama eh 😀

    keep on blogging dude! 🙂

  2. Oh you go girl! I am so with you on this one! I couldn’t care less either. For as long as it’s coming from my heart and I’m letting my creative juices flow, then I’m content with that! Haha! Perhaps I’ll learn along the way somehow.

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