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Is it true that when a girl wants to change something in her life, she starts with her hair?  To me it is!  Some of my friends celebrate a semestral break vacation with a new hair cut.  Others want a new hair do after a break-up.  Whatever it is, we girls feel that our hair is a big deal and going to a Salon is a therapy for all of us.  We feel more confident if we look good and the hair contributes a lot to how we look.  That’s why, going to a salon I trust is very important!

My usual trip to a hair salon is traumatizing.  I am not a hair expert myself so I wouldn’t know which styles are best for my face.  It’s always a dilemma expecting to see a beautiful change  then all of a sudden, the hair stylist screws up.  That’s why I am very keen in choosing the right parlor for me.

Oh well, I have a new discovery folks!

Vince and I went to Vivere Salon to get our haircut together Smile with tongue out Their tagline is “We just don’t cut, we DESIGN your hair!” True enough girls, I went inside not knowing what to do with my hair.  All I know is that I have my own hair problems.

My problem with my hair is obvious.

(1) Uneven color!!! YIKES!!! Look at that ugliness.

Vivere Salon (22)

(2) My hair looks boring! It needs a new hair style!

Vivere Salon (5)

Luster, shine, split ends and hair fall weren’t my problem though, Pantene takes care of that Open-mouthed smile

Time to go inside Vivere now Smile





The head stylist examined my hair.  I just told him to surprise me.

Vivere Salon (23)

I just wanted to be more beautiful and less boring.


And so he did say that he needed to re-color my hair (obviously) with some treatment and a stylish layered do for my naturally thin hair to give it a more bouncy feel (even without blow dry).

Vivere Salon (25)

The dying part Smile

Vivere Salon (26)

The washing part… They always massage my scalp everytime they rinse my hair.

Oh… and they also massaged my back… It was the best back massage ever.. I almost slept!

A guy massaged me.  A real man… I’m starting to think I’d get a male masseuse on my next spa time lol.


The stylist also noticed my wild eyebrows so he did some threading to make it more neat Smile

Vivere Salon (27)

This part is almost done, it’s just time to cut the hair!

Vince also had his hair done Smile

That face means he likes his hair ^_^

Vivere Salon (28)

TA-DA!!! Hair cut done!!!

Look at the head stylist Mr. Leo! He looks intense man… He’s definitely determined to make me more purrty!

I always chat with the stylists and I found out he did lots of make-overs for some magazine or a TV show (I forgot)

He’s at the Vivere Salon at Robinson’s Place Ermita so if you don’t have a clue what to do with your hair, let him handle it. Smile

Vivere Salon (29)Vivere Salon (30)

Ta-da!!! I forgot to ask what color because I was just too excited! I was so happy!!!

Look at the shine and the color!  At this point, my hair is still half wet!


Many girls love their hair really straight, but me, I just love natural waves Smile Look at that happy monki Smile

Vivere Salon (35)

and of course, posing inside malls is no biggie… I’m a blogger, it’s my right! Smile with tongue out

Vivere Salon (36)

Love it!

Vivere Salon (34)

Vince and I were so happy we had to take a family picture ^_^

I would like to give all my thanks to Bea Chua who hooked us up with wonderful Vivere Salon Smile It was a great beauty discovery for me!  Also thanking our stylists Leo Antifino and Peng Guevarra for our make-over!

Do check out Vivere Salon at the different locations below!


VIVERE SALON WEBSITE: http://viveresalon.com

VIVERE SALON Facebook Fan Page:







Vivere Salon Robinsons Galleria, 3/L West Wing
Tel. No: (02) 910 5489

Vivere Salon Robinsons Ermita, 4/L Midtown Wing
Tel. No: (02) 567 1955

Vivere Salon SM Megamall, 5/L Mega B
Tel. No: (02)501 2158

Vivere Salon SM North EDSA, The Annex, Lower GF
Tel. No: (02)501 2158

Vivere Salon MarQuee Mall, 2/L
Tel. No: (045) 304-0627

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  1. I always pass by their SM North branch and just don’t pay attention. Now you gave me an idea. Please let me know what color is you hair! Inggit ako 😉

  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks for the nice review about Vivere Salon. 🙂 I’m glad you like your new do! You look fab! Til your next visit! 🙂

  3. Hey justine 🙂 It’s Ash Brown 🙂 And don’w worry about choosing your hair color. They know what’s best for you that will match your skin tone rin XD

  4. I’m a fan 🙂 Especially that I don’t know what to do with my hair 🙂 I’m so happy they know better what looks good on me 🙂 Thanks Bea!

  5. you baited me- hook, line and sinker!! it was your great feedback that made me try the services of Vivere in Ermita. I was so excited to look my best for our forthcoming reunion that I didn’t bother to ask for prices. it was broad day-time hold up!!! i paid 13+k for a bob haicut and a color and treatment for my friend whom I treated out. the massage I was looking forward to didn’t happen. with this bill I paid, i wasn’t even issued a receipt. I was just so shocked with the sky rocket bill, I completely forgot to ask. hope next time, they should consider asking their customer first, if the price for their services is okay for them.

  6. oh, sorry to hear that and the feeling that you got baited I have always had a great experience everytime I come here. Most good salons are really a bit pricey. and I think they display naman prices outside. Not sure what you got, but usually it also depends on hair length and the kind of treatment. for a guy having haircut with and hair color is around 1,500. You can call them at Tel. No: (02) 567 1955 and give them feedback 🙂 I’m sure they will appreciate hearing comments and suggestions

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