“Life is not made up of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years, but of moments.”
– Sarah Breathnach

I made a vow to myself to live my life to the fullest.  To live it with wonderful moments with friends, family and even strangers sometimes.  Sometimes, you plan for these moments to happen.  But most of the time, the best moments are spontaneous!

It’s that moment when you see your cat doing something funny, or your dog learning his first trick! In my case, doing a very complex pole trick for the first time!

In other cases, meeting a “Christian Grey” lookalike in Nepal!  After seeing him, I tweeted about him and people were like “Where’s the picture?”  And it frustrates me that the world begs for evidence when something cool happens.  My friends would say, “No videos, no pictures… it didn’t happen.”

… and then when you finally upload the “evidence” the moment is already gone.  The world already moved on.

The tech world knows how important this is for us now, that’s why everyone is adapting to this kind of lifestyle.  We have apps like Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to make sharing our moments very easy!  The less we wait, the more we can do.

Thanks to Smart LTE, now there’s no more waiting – I’m living my life on the fast lane!  I was here when they were just testing the Smart LTE, check out my post about LTE testing here.

I’ve tried and tested LTE for myself… and WOW.  No more opening too many tabs coz you’re wating for pages to load, with LTE, there’s none of that anymore… More productivity, more things done, more extra things for your hobbies, more time with family and friends 🙂

Also, check out this infographic from Smart.

For more details, visit SMART LTE’s official website:

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