New Knowledge, Old Backpains

I’ve been very dizzy busy lately. I’m the type of person who just wants to learn everything my mind could possibly absorb and I don’t easily give up until I have exhausted every possible means to do so. Web page designing thingys or whatever you call that are not really my thing-y but it obstructed me from having a decent template.


Friday was the day I began to search for new templates. I found some good ones and lousy ones. Then I found this really brilliant template that suits my “flava” and also suits my FlairCandy title. I was frustrated at first because all my widgets were erased when I applied the new skin. Thank goodness google was invented! Brilliant minds people, all I need to ask and know it’s just there.

So yeah, I kind of studied online for this. I’ve learned how to preserve widgets and understand what code to use etc. It took me one day to learn the unfamiliar world of CSS-ing. I had a couple of migraines and dozens of backaches for this! Goodness gracious I have scoliosis and now my back is really really hurting seriously!

Those if-then-else lots statements really hunt me ~jitters~. In the office I use VBA codes to edit macros embedded in our reports. The best part in this though is that i also did a self-study on macros! I had a basic course in college about C++ programming. But, 4 years after non-practice, I have forgotten already how to construct if-then and loop statements just when I needed it already. Luckily internet exists. After reading a few articles, i managed to guide myself.

I know, I’m an accountant but why the heck am I doing these IT stuff!?! I’m not really sure with my weird self what the answer is. But, I’m thinking that probably I have adequate knowledge of accounting, next step is learn other things like – IT stuff? My other option is to study further and take the CFA. But it’s so expensive!!! Just one wrong move then you threw your 80K out of the window.

Vinz knows how nostalgically crazy I could be. How after my surgery, I wanted to go to med school. Any psych major or psychologist reading this? – Help! I might have MDP (Multiple Personality Disorder)? But I don’t call myself other names than my own though, unlike those MDP patients… Time flies so fast” as Elise said earlier and I do agree. I have so much that I want to learn, so much stuff I want to do… but time’s not a luxury I can afford. That’s why we must learn to prioritize. Having said that, I am prioritizing sleep and I will sleep now. (“,)

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