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For many who are curious as to how I have known Nuffnang, well many Malaysian friends of mine whom I have met through (who will transform into on 08/08/08!), have been using Nuffnang’s tool for their blog. I personally have not registered or anything with Nuffnang as I believed that this was only open for Malaysians and Singaporeans so once again I redirect you to Problogger for more details.

Personally, I don’t know if bloggers could make that much with Nuffnang or other ads like google adsense without much traffic going into your blogsite and in my personal experience ShoutOut has been a companion, increasing my traffic to almost more than 50%!

This screen shot of my Google Analytics geographic report in which I also have posted 1 month (click here to view that post) after I opened my personal blog last May 2008 (yes, my blog so young yet it looks old? Well, thanks to helpful friends in ShoutOut):
I added analytics 1 week after I installed my blog. So, technically for three weeks, this has been my traffic… 197 “visits” in 3 weeks! My topblogs rank by this time was around 350th-something in personal blogs category (sorry no screenshot). With this in mind before, I made an effort blog hopping to drop my links by 😛 When I left my page alone as it was I only had 1-5 max views a day… sad (^_^;)

After I installed ShoutOut… jeng jeng jeng… here’s what my stat looks like at topblogs:

Oh! Yaey! I recently peaked at 120 hits a day! I couldn’t be anymore happier as compared to my pathetic 123 hits in a week *sweats* (^_^;). Though the traffic is still not that impressive as compared to other sites, I am just happy about this!! *yes!* Since I have migrated my blog to a new domain host, I have lost my analytics reports along the way but if you could have seen it… The day I added SO, there was a rapid increase in the Y AXIS! lolz as in like almost like a vertical line. This was caused mainly by one of SO’s main features to have links to your blog bellow your message.

By the way, that empty stat between the 24th of July to 2nd of August was caused by the my changing of url from to

Once again, another tiring night for your self-declared, panda-eyed, blog ambassadress saying “Mabuhay Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore” … for now… 😛

Flair Candy

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  1. Wow .. 50% seriously.
    I didn’t know thats possible .. haha .. lets hope it keeps going up from there 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. minh, ShoutOut is undergoing migration from to :$ please be patient… It will be open again tomorrow 🙂 see you tomorrow at ShoutOutLounge!

  3. Elise… hehe yep yep.. my blog is quite young still and I have learned many things from you and fellow shouters…


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