You’re the 1, Goldilocks

Dear Goldilocks,

What memories we have had…  I remembered being so young and motivated as I was reviewing for my CPA board exams in CPAR.  I came from the province, Bacolod, and I was a shy girl in a wild world of Manila.

I came in Manila this time to fulfill one of my dreams, and that is to pass the CPA Board exams. Take note, my dream is not to become an accountant… but just to pass the exam (LOL, ok I’m kidding!!!)

I rented a room in the Immaculate Conception dorm and we call it “IC” for short.  This dorm is just literally a few steps away from my review school building and they are just adjacent to each other,  and it is just a few blocks away from Goldilocks!  How lucky was I to have one nearby?  I always had to satisfy this craving tummy of mine!

My daily routine was:

6:00 am -  wake up and bath

6:30 am -  breakfast and chitchat with Bacolod accountancy batchmates and newfound friends/dormmates (If I don’t like the food for breakfast, I go to Goldilocks, it’s already open around this time)

I usually have this for breakfast: twistix, ensaymada hamonada (for both carbs and protein), banana loaf (i lov it!!!), and cinnamon roll which is super good for my coffee!

7:00 am -  change clothes (powerdressing)  I “power-dress” even when I was just reviewing because sometimes I believe that if I didn’t do good in an evaluation quiz, I still look pretty and I still should feel happy about it.  So powerdressing is a must and I pick my clothes well, but I had to sacrifice a bit of my allowance just for fashion T_____T


7:30 am -  visit to the Chapel

7:15 am -  read the news on our dorm lounge (I also read the daily horoscope just to have some bit of fun since I am technically single during these days, I was hoping for a flourishing romance from ehermzz… secret and secret) ;P

8:00 am – 12:00 nn blah blah Review class time here XD

Sweetst thng3

12:00 nn Lunch at sir Valix’s office.

JRs bday

We just love sir Valix.  We also have luch served at our dorms (it’s part of our monthly payment) but we love to eat with sir Valix since we get to bond with other reviewers and get updates direct from the source.  We were just close as well because he knows how to converse in Ilonggo!  During this time it was just too hard for me to communicate in Tagalog because I had this akward ilonggo accent!!! T___T  Anyway, he is one of my greatest motivators in passing the board exam.  I didn’t want to let him down if I didn’t pass… sniff sniff…

If our food at the dorm is not my type, nor did sir Valix invite us for lunch, I buy food in Goldilucks.  I always buy the barbeque meal when I am on a tight budget.  Either that or just a spaghetti meal, lumpiang shanghai and chicken meals! 🙂

I had to live with my budget since I just rely on my allowance T___T… I usually have the above for lunch: pork barbeque meal, lumpiang shanghai, chicken barbeque and spaghetti only if I’m pretending to be on a diet lol.

1:00pm chika time/date time (hehe later in my reviewing I kinda sorta dated T____T)


1:30pm sleeping/siesta time I gotta recharge

2:00pm study in my room or at CPAR library (if I wanna review with my date but this is not adviseable ladies… dont date and review!)

5:00pm mass and Novena at UST Chapel yep .. daily… it’s my chance to be together with the whole batch (girls and the boys) coz the boys got separate dorms…  Here we get to go and meet there together.

strike a pose
At UST campus…

5:30pm meryenda at Goldilocks!  well not really everyday but at least one of us go there at least once a day!  And for me, I go there for meryenda about 4 or 5 times a week!  They just had too many selection and it’s just too near my dorm!  I so love their Sansrival and it is my favorite!  I also love their sago gulaman which really is a thirst quencher!  I also buy some polvoron and puto and many other chichirya/snacks so that I could munch on it while I was reviewing!

6:00pm review again

7:00pm dinner

8:00pm answer assignments and review while I eat my goldilocks snacks ^_^

11:00pm prepare to SLEEP

and the routine goes on and on… with Goldilocks on our side 🙂

Goldilocks memories:

Some weren’t documented in pictures since before I don’t have a digicam and I wasn’t blogging yet.   I just had my cellphone and most of the time I didn’t bother taking much pictures hehe.

Anyway, here are the ones I managed to scrap out of my archives.  Warning! You will see me in braces! with a mole on the left side of my nose near my eyes! and thinner! hehe!

We celebrated each other’s birthdays by buying the birthday celebrant a cake! Thanks Goldilocks for giving us a variety of cakes at really affordable prices at a really yummilicious experience!

I even celebrated my 21st birthday with my other batchmate Shawa, at the boy’s dorm lounge with Goldilocks! 2 cakes there and our favorite is the black forest and the Brasos de mercedes one! 🙂 sigh I miss these guys!

Well, I’m afraid that’s about all the pictures I got when I was reviewing 🙂 Fact is, Goldilocks has been my comfort food when I was really super stressed in my review. It helps me stay awake when I review coz I had to munch on something to keep me awake. And their food is technically not a junkie unlike chips so it’s a healthier option for me as well. I also loved their bread sticks and ooh.. have I told you I love their sansrival? I probably have consumed a whole cake of sansrival on my entire review or probably more of it lol…

anyway, thanks for the good times Goldilocks!

You’re the 1 Goldilocks, because you were with me when I took the board exams, you were an ingredient to my success, and you continue to bring those memories everytime I visit a branch!  You keep me coming back for more becaue you have many to offer that suits my pinoy taste buds!

Sincerely yours,

Hannah Rika A. Villasis, CPA

*food pictures from

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  2. I’mkeeping my fingers crossed 😀

    But surely, I enjoyed making this post! It has reminded me so much of my CPA review days 😀 So many memories I am so glad to have made this post as well 😀

  3. Hey Erika! your letter reminds me so much of CPAR and sir Valix and ofcourse Goldilocks! haha! Miss them alll! 😉

  4. hi ms. flaircandy..i also had an entry sa nuffnang about sa goldilocks..nagconfirm ba syo thru email and nuffnang acknowledging your entry??sakin kasi wala eh..

    anyways pede po ba makipag exchange links???

  5. hi hannah, i love your CPA Story. I just passed the board last May 2009 and part of it was Goldilocks. You know why? Im working here at Goldilocks Main Office as Treasury officer for morethan 2 years now, since I graduated. But when I decided to pursue my CPA ambition, it comes to the point that i have to choose between my work which i truly enjoy or my dream of becoming a CPA. Actually it was very hard to balance everything but it never stops me from reaching what i want to become. Goldilocks was very considerate…even i come to work so late(most of the time past 10 AM) because im staying up so late the night before to catch up on my review then I have to leave so early in the afternoon to attend my classes (evening 6-9). In short, i never heard anything. They even allow me to have a 6-week leave,its my choice but i can have it longer but i dont want to sacrifice my responsibilities for that long. My boss even have to remind me to leave early so i wont be late on my classes. They gave me a choice and the power to take control. Im really glad i’ve became part of Goldilocks Family…if not…I wont be a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT like you…keep writing and continue to inspire more people!

  6. Wow! Hi Mary Jane, Thank you so much for sharing your story! Proves that Goldilocks is really not only good to their customers but favours the needs of their employee as well! Great pinoy values!

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