Boosting Your Girl Power With A!life

Ladies, admit it.  I know you all feel more powerful now with your different careers and roles in life.  I started to feel powerful the moment I graduated college and passed the CPA board exam.  Instead of celebrating, my parents said “no more allowance, you need to get a job now.” @_@ I was like “but, but, but… I don’t have a job yet!”  Well I guess, it forced me to get a job pronto!

That was scary for me at that time.  I was panicking and I was like, no more malls? no more shopping? no more food trips? Unless I get a job.  It was pretty scary but indeed it was still very empowering!

I know a lot of you girls (and even guys) can relate to this.  Doesn’t it feel great to make money on your own and to take care of yourself independently for the first time? I also know a lot of women who are housewives but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any roles at all.  Most of them are power bloggers who influence a lot of people, some are great pole dancers, while I know others who also involve themselves in great advocacies and even moms and wives whose main goal is to be the light in her household.

We put on many hats.  Me, I’m a CPA, a daughter, a friend, a blogger, pole dancer (wanna-be), writer, surfer, TV Host, Social Media Manager, digital consultant, events host, model (yes a short girl can be a model too! ;), photographer, and ok, my head aches for the many roles I need to think of.

My point is, we ladies are powerful!  We have many different roles, yet we are so good in keeping a balanced life 🙂

Here’s what I believe is very important in keeping up with what we are doing with our lives - great preventive health and maintained fitness.  By health I mean health in all aspects: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and everything else that affects our well-bing.  My goal is to share to all of you the many ways we can enjoy our different roles by being healthy and fit.  I started running, going to the gym and pole dancing to keep me physically fit.  I believe that keeping physically fit helps me boost my mental and emotional health as well.  I also started to take care of my skin more, because having fine skin is an indicator of good health.  I have also been taking Wheatgrass so that I have a healthier digestive system which is important in effectively absorbing the right nutrients.  We aim to be beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside as well.  By inside I mean healthier body cells.


A! Life Launch at Tian Di Spa

I got invited to a wellness event launch of A! Life at Tian Di just this June.

If you are all clueless about what A! Life is, here’s a short description:

“Responding to women’s specific needs, PascualLab launches new A!ife – a natural line of health supplements created especially for women. A!life’s range of products is sure to help women stay healthy by nourishing them inside and out. With its holistic approach to health, A!life is the first uni-brand of health and wellness supplements formulated especially for women. Made from natural ingredients, A!life focuses on preventive health to help women look and feel good.”

And here are the different range of A!life supplements:

  • A!life Energy, which is loaded with vitamins, amino acids and nutrients because it contains natural Malunggay leaves, giving women that extra boost of energy for optimum physical performance.
  • There’s also A!life Protect with Pycnogenol®, a super anti-oxidant that helps the immune system defend against free radicals, so health radiates through fairer skin.
  • For women who desire a slimmer figure, A!life Control may be the just the right supplement. Made from all-natural white bean extract, it blocks carbohydrates absorption so you can control weight and blood sugar levels.
  • Women who want to bring back their youthful glow can try A!life Restore with Injuv, a Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes from within to help erase the signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines.
  • A!life Posture not only contains Calcium but Ostivone®, which helps increase bone density to keep bones strong for better posture.
  • And, of course, there is also A!life Trim which contains Ampalaya combined with Banaba to aid in managing the blood sugar levels of those at risk of diabetes, even helping to maintain a trim figure.

We also met the different A!Life ambassadors


  • Lucy Torres – Congresswoman and celebrity for A!life Control
  • Shawn yao – TV Personality and Pilates Enthusiast for A!life Posture
  • Lorraine Lapus – Athlete and Business Executive for A!life Energy
  • Patty Betita – Model and Image Consultant for A!life Restore; and
  • Lexi Schulze – TV Personality and Anti-cancer Advocate for A!life Protect


The event was hosted by Bianca Valerio.  She’s awesome as always!

Lucy Torres-Gomez speaking on behalf of the ambassadors

Lucy Torres-Gomez speaking on behalf of the ambassadors

A!life brand ambassadors


Tian di spa A!life A life event

I enrolled at one of the mini-classes they had at the event.  I signed-up for Yoga class!  I believe it will help me with balance and flexibility for my Pole fitness!

mini yoga mats 😛

as you can see, our yoga mats were a little bit tiny.

We had to do more standing yoga positions

There were many people around, including people taking photos and stuff @_@

but the teacher told us to just ignore and close our eyes if we have to

but the floor was just so tempting…

hannah villasis yoga

.. legs extend outside mat 😛 we don’t care it felt good to stretch and to focus on my breathing!

by the way, I’m wearing a black top from “For Me” and shorts from “Old Navy”

underneath my black top are Pole dancing workout clothes 😛

This was a good activity for me before my Pole class.

I need to work on my flexibility 🙂

Yoga and Pole dancing keeps me healthy both physically and mentally.  It’s good for my mind and body.  If I have to pick just one supplement, I would pick A!life Posture simply because I have scoliosis and I need to strengthen my bones for yoga, pole dancing and surfing 😛  This should help me avoid injury and make my bones more dense.  But, you can take more than one supplement, like I would want to also take A!life protect because I want to prevent cancer.

‘Til next time guys, until then – GIRL POWER!



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  1. awww….i missed this! i was invited and i was excited to join the yoga too (you know naman how i looooove yoga right? haha) …but work had to come first 🙁 we still need to meet up soon!!! 🙂

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  3. Yes meditation and yoga can help you focus and diiisplcne your mind and soul. However, there are proper techniques that you should learn. Either you can join classes in order to get a proper professional lesson or else if you want to learn by yourself then try to buy DVDs- for beginners (there are several in the market). Simple ways to do yoga involves breathing and concentration. I can’t explain the postures because it is better for you to have visuals. So I suggest you look for books or DVDs or even websites that gives you a thorough direction on both yoga and meditation. Good luck:)

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