Button wins 2009 Australian Grand Prix

Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichelo, Brawn, 2009 Australian Grand Prix
Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichelo, Brawn, 2009 Australian Grand Prix
*picture courtesy of f1fanatic.co.uk

There are just three drivers that I absolutely adore in Formula 1 right now:  Raikkonnen (my ultimate driver), Alonso (so young yet so good) and Button (for his good looks).  LOL IKR, you can’t blame me for being a fan because this F1 driver is pretty, I’m a girl after all!!! XP
[ad#hlink] Anyway, back to the sport itself.  Button got a lovely headstart as he won the Australian Grand Prix for 2009 woohoo!  I’d be happy if any of the 3 of my favorite drivers would win, but I’d be happiest when it’s Kimi Raikkonnen who won!  The Ferraries had trouble with their soft tires though.  Kimi placed 15th (sad sad) and Massa was out of the track when I turned on my TV.  Yes, I am not staying at  home for now and their TV does not have Star Sports >.<  Annoying much?  tell me about it!  But, not quite, because I had the excuse to go to my Rockstar’s house to watch it there myself.  Sadly though I only made it to the 4th lap wuwuwu…

Overall, the 1st race was adrenaline-driving not only to the drivers and their teams but to the audiences and fanatics as well like me XD.

1.  Click here to go to the best F1 Fansite I ever know in the world for an update of this event. 

2.  2009 Australian Grand Prix gallery

P.S.  I just want to mention that I am a not-so-fan of Hamilton.  XD teehee!  I just have to say that yaknowzz…

P.P.S.  I am going to Singapore again to watch the F1 race!  Buy your tickets now!  See you there!!!

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  1. Pingback: hannaherika
  2. omg i love jenson! i started watching F1 when way way ago because of him and now he’s back!i thought he died or something! haha you are going to SG? omg they are giving away free f1 tickets nga sa nuffnang MY eh 🙁

  3. omg jenson button, after so many years… finally he won a race!! ahaha.. good one anyway..

    hope they would not ban the diffuser or the big guns will be owning again.. that would make the championship more interesting!

  4. haha, I believed you have mentioned that to me before 🙂 anyway dear wow!!! Really? but only nuffnang my? wah… they also had tickets to Australian GP last sunday? at least the nuffies in Australia?

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