Certified Public Accountant

Hannah Rika A. Villasis, C.P.A.

I’ve always wanted a comma beside my surname. Now, here I am – a Certified Public Accountant. I passed the board exam on May 2007. I can just remember the joy, pride and satisfaction of having to go through a rigorous college training and mind-breaking exam and pass it.

It was always a tradition that if you pass the CPA Board Exam, you would automatically apply for a job in an auditing firm. Now that, I didn’t do. I don’t know if I am regretting it right now and i don’t really know if it was the right decision for my career.
Here I am now working for a company and doing management reports. I have a good employer and I have almost 200 hours of training since I started working here last June 2007. I could say I have friendly and healthy relationship with my officemates, my boss and my boss’ boss. All in all, I love my current job and I love my benefits and salary.

Meanwhile, I still keep on thinking about my college buddies who are now working for audit firms. I kept wondering how it would have been if I pursued audit. I have asked them questions about their job and they kept on complaining to me that their job is very tiring, they have lots of heavy OT hours, that they don’t sleep nor go home sometimes and that they aren’t well compensated even for the hell’s job that they do.

Still I wonder, could the training that audit brings much more valuable than what I could have in my job right now?

I know many people could relate with me. Many are confused. Many still keeps on thinking about how they decided to go on with their career. But the bottom line here is really just to know what your heart desires. It was never easy to absolutely know what you need to want. You just have to be senssible enough to yourself.

Have you ever been so totally clueless about your choices (Choice A & Choice B) that you just tried to toss a coin so that the coin would decide for yourself. Heads, you will take Choice A. Tails, you will take Choice B. And you toss the coin and it resulted to “tails.” But the truth is you still want to pick Choice A.

If after a year, you still can’t stop thinking about going to an audit frim, then you should probably consider applying to one.

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  1. I would definitely suggest that you should apply in an audit firm. It is really a one of a kind experience. Never mind toxicity of the workload or even low salary they are giving. The reward and returns after you’ve left audit is really worth all effort. I myself, came from an auditing firm and even though we are on the same company now. I still thinking of coming back. anyway. make the choice you think would be best for you. You can be happy later.haha

  2. hanna, i think you made the right decision.. If you followed the audit firm path you wouldn’t have had time to create this beautiful blog. thanks for sharing your true talent to the world.. 🙂 more power.

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