Drum Tao Review – Wowed my Entire Soul

I am a fan of drums and I’m a frustrated drummer!  Back in high school, I wanted to both dance for the cheerleading squad and beat the drums for us.  But I can’t half myself into two can I?

When I heared that Drum Tao is performing in Manila, I was excited!  I’ve heard so many good things about them! World-renowned Japan martial arts and drum-playing extraordinaires, Drum Tao, is only here in Manila to perform 10 shows only from July 12-22.

I watched Drum Tao at the Newport Theater, Resorts World last Friday.  Traffic was crazy! It was payday Friday!  Watching Drum Tao was exhilarating though.


My friend Beth and I managed to take photos with the Drum Tao cast as they were passing the restaurant we were at.


Graceful Lady Drum Beaters

I’m very happy there were women beating not only the small drums but the really BIG ONES!  These girls were very graceful, despite the power they were evoking while they beat every bit of these big drums!  


Hair Flipping

Don’t get me started with some of the guys, one of the specialty moves of one of the guy drummers was – HAIR FLIPPING!  He just knows the heart of hair flipping with all his sould that he inserts every appropriate hair flipping on his drum choreography!  I envy him because I fail at hair flipping coordination when I pole 😛



Both the guys and women got great physique.  I imagine them practicing everyday.  The ladies would perform showing parts of their back, and you could see their powerful muscles and their cuts while they beat!

As for the men, they perform with so much passion!  They perform with traditional costumes or sometimes, topless!  And you can see those muscles get angry in front of you!  I’m not kidding!


Synchronization and Harmony

I am just at awe at how these guys would start from a teasing beat… to later, a very climactic and upbeat tempo and then all of a sudden, all of them beat that one last drum beat — BHAAAM!

I am not sure if they count every beat, but they do know when to stop the beat at one big WHAAAM! Just like that!  If I were one of the performers, I bet I’d screw up and not know when that happens.


Skill and Power

No doubt about this.  They were beating slow, fast… plus, they have choreography.  It was like their brain-muscle coordination are far supperior than us ordinary humans.

They weren’t only using drums.  They had other strings and pipe instruments.  Plus, they can do martial arts and well – acting.

It’s one show you  must watch 🙂


Check out details about Drum Tao tickets and schedule here.

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