F1 Bahrain 2010 Practice Highlights and Fastest Laps

A lot of Formula 1 fans all over the world are hyped up as they are expecting a lot of changes to this year’s F1 race than last years.  This year, more teams came in, new tracks will be used and the return of Schumacher has been creating quite a big buzz.  Practice has just finished in Bahrain and fans want to see results.  Is Schumacher still the legend that he is?  Did Alonzo make it good with the Ferrari team?  How are the Ferrari cars are they better than last year?  How about the new teams are they competitive?

It’s the first official track where everyone got a feel of how the F1 is going on.  Drivers and teams get to test their strategies and cars on track for the first time.  The media and fans also await just even on the practice day how the drivers are doing.  Just on this day, some questions above may now be answered.

Singapore F1 Day 2 Qualifying 04

As usual, Bahrain has been a dusty track and this has to be considered by the drivers.  Adrian Sutil for Force-India did a remarkable job as he was the fastest in the practice session.  Force-India has been picking up and gaining speed over the others on the 4th quarter of last year’s F1.  Felipe Massa has now fully recovered from his serious injury last year and he has been doing well too and he has been consistent.

Ferarri has been doing well as their new driver Fernando Alonzo is second fastest in practice.  Is this a confirmation that they made the right decision of taking Alonzo and dumping Raikkonen?  We can only tell for sure on the next few races.

A keen eye has been placed on Schumacher.  The return of the legend to his field.  He did not do bad with practice at all.  I still believe he is the BEST driver in the world.  He placed 10 fastest which is not bad since he’s been out of the racing game 3 or 4 years already… Welcome back Schumi!!!

Both Nico Rosberg and Schumi looked gooooooood…. I mean… literally and figuratively here in the race.  See they’re both in the top 10 fastest laps…  BUT THEY SO HANDSOME!!! **faints**

I’m kinda sad I don’t see any Kimi Raikkonen here anymore… I hope he returns all of a sudden within a year 🙂 you never know… There’s just too much Drama in F1 and highlights come when you least expect it!

These results were just grabbed from the best F1 fan blog in the world – f1fanatic!

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  1. hi Hannah, great run-up to the sunday race! cant wait as well.
    Nico Di Caprio err..Rosberg blitzed everyone during Free Practice 2. The big teams’ times were pretty close as well. Whew!
    its gonna be an interesting Qualifying session tonight 7pm on Star Sports! You could also watch Free Practice 3 at Justin.tv I think.

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