Google Chrome Launch in Manila

I’ve been using multiple browsers for a while and of course Google Chrome has been a favorite because of its simplicity.  The moment I heard that Google had a browser about a year ago (or more ?) I immediately downloaded it and gave it a try.  It was once a Beta, and last September 30, 2010, they officially launched Google Chrome here in Manila.

Their introductory video was quite interesting.  They asked random people what a browser is and 98 % (ish) didn’t know or had the wrong notion about a browser.  Most of them said “Browser? – GOOGLE!”  They confuse browsers and search engines ~_~  I’m saying this because I’m a geek lol.  But, do you really know what a browser is yourself?

So, if you don’t know what a browser is yet, check out this video made by Google.  Which is nice because they  still gave people a choice on what browser to use and they’re not hardcore selling “Use Google Chrome coz it’s the best.”  — They didn’t do that.

The Google Chrome Launch at People’s Palace

People’s Palace is one of my favorite restaurants.  They serve Asian Cuisine, mostly Thai.  I happily entered the restaurant and I was surprised to see tons of candies!

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (1)Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (4)

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (6)Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (7)

gummy bears and m n’ ms

Google Chrome Launch in People's Palace Manila (2)They also had Google Chrome cookies that I though looks like a Pokeball Smile with tongue out

It’s yummy too!  I regret that I only took one home Sad smile

[flickr album=72157625138100538 num=10 size=Square]

Google Chrome Talking Points

Here is the summary of what the speaker talked about on the launch of Google Chrome.

1.  Speed.  Do Everything Fast.

They explained that Google Chrome was built to be fast with JavaScript engine V8 that speeds up web applications.

2.  Stability.

Kill the tab, not the browser.  Tabs are isolated from each other so that one tab can’t drag the whole browser down.  If a tab crashes, the browser and the rest of the tabs remain intact, allowing you to carry on doing what you’re doing.  In addition, because each tab runs in its own process, Google Chrome can take additional steps to protect your computer from malicious sites that try to leave malware on your computer or steal your personal information.

3.  Search.

Search and browse the internet all from one box.  They made it easier to search the internet, get to the sites you want to visit, and re-find pages you’ve already visited all from the address bar.

4.  Stay in control.

Use Google Chrome’s settings features to protect your privacy online.  You can view, re-visit pages, and delete your surfing history.  To browse the web without storing a record on your computer, click the page menu and select “new incognito window”.  This helps if you log-in to your bank accounts and delicate online transactions on internet cafes.

5.  Make it yours.

Google Chrome is open source.  This just means that developers can easily use the underlying technology in Google Chrome to create their own browser.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks for a better experience

They also shared some stuff you can do to maximize Google Chrome.

1.  Google Chrome extensions.

I didn’t even know you can use extensions O_o.  You can actually book flights on Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, catch up on news with ABS-CBN, GMA and PEP/, look up forex rates with Banco De Oro and many more in a single click, without ever leaving the webpage you’re currently on.  I hope this helps in booking promo fares for Cebu Pacific if their website crashes due to tons of traffic.  There are over 1,000 extensions in the Chrome gallery to choose from, including ten made especially for Filipino users.  Other extensions include Ayos Dito, Carlos Celdran has his own extension, MMDA, Pinoy Exchange and Smart Bro.

image image

Check out other cool extensions here.

2.  Personalize Chrome with Philippine themes.

You can choose from twelve specially created themes by local top designers and personalities including graphic design studio Team Manila, AJ Dimarucot, Aranaz Bags, renowned comic book artist Arnold Arre, Carlos Celdran, Corey Cruz, Dan Matutina, Drew Europeo, Electrolychee, Karen Gosingan, Paul Guadalupe, Yabang Pinoy and the School of Fashion and the Arts.


You can now use our very own Pinoy artists’ designs for your Google Chrome Themes here.

3.  Others.

Others are using omnibox, Incognito Mode, Chrome’s translate bar, new tab page, tabbing to search, session restore, instant bookmarks and Bookmark sync.


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  5. I just love the session restore and instant bookmarks.. they come very handy for surf freak like me. And those are so-yummy-looking gummy bears!

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  10. I don’t know but when I first tried this browser, it didn’t satisfy me at all. I’m getting used to Firefox where my routine of browsing the Net has been easier and quick. While trying Google Chrome I cant find the toolbars on top, especially the Google toolbar, where I can see the page rank of every site I’m browsing. The speed doesn’t make any difference as with the latest Mozilla Firefox.

    I think it’s a just a good idea for Google to create its own browser since the name Google is getting more and popular to the ears of Internet users. They might had the idea of experimenting if it really can create a good market or product. But I think so far Mozilla is still the most used Internet browser and Google chrome can’t beat that.

  11. I think it depends on your preference. I use all three browsers for different purposes. Firefox keeps crashing on Flash sites (it’s updated) especially my flickr batch edit. IE9 seems to be faster than firefox and chrome these days. But I use chrome too because it’s just a simple and fast tool. I use Firefox only for fireftp add-in. Anyway, I need to use multiple browsers because I manage multiple sites and accounts in one social media.

    What I like about Google too is that they don’t like “force” you to use chrome, like I said above, they made a video explaining what a browser is ( and they put logos of explorer and firefox too. They never said, download chrome etc etc, they just said, “know which browser its best for you”.

  12. Yah, I saw the video Hannah. Ok ok. Agree. Anyway, I didn’t know there’s IE9 and really faster than Firefox. Cool! I’ll better check on that. By the way, I sent you an email about links? Nevermind.

    Thank you Hannah. Cheers! 😉

  13. Yah, I saw the video Hannah. Ok ok. Agree. Anyway, I didn’t know there’s IE9 and really faster than Firefox. Cool! I’ll better check on that. By the way, I sent you an email about links? Nevermind.
    Thank you Hannah. Cheers!

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