Singapore GP tickets running out of stock! on my mailbox from a Formula 1 Fan

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Hi thought I’d let you know the latest news. The early bird F1 tickets for 3 day walkabout and also the Esplanade (your favourite) tickets have sold out.
Based on the current trend, we expect early bird single-day Walkabout tickets for both Saturday and Sunday to be sold out by the middle of next week, with early bird single day Friday Walkabout tickets anticipated to be sold out by end of the week.
The Bay Grandstand also going fast.
So if you have friends and fans who still haven’t made up their minds, this news might help them rush. Remember, this means 50 % sold out as that was all that allocated for early bird. regular prices now commences.
Best regards and God bless

Teehee!  Dave is a new acquaintance of mine and the only thing that let us meet our online paths is because of the Formula 1!  He has been giving me quite nice tips to the Singapore Grand Prix especially!  I have been in the Singapore Grand Prix 2008 but I have never fully walked the F1 track… He did! and he influenced me a bit to get the Bay Grandstand ticket.  Plus, he got really lucky as he and his fiance bumped into Lewis Hamilton and he even appeared in Singapore’s local newspaper!  Click here to view his post about meeting Lewis Hamilton.  When he told me his story, I became softer on Lewis :P  But I’m still pro Kimi!

I replied to his mail saying, I think you could contribute more to the F1 society if you create a blog yourself ^_^ and my, he was a step ahead of me and has just started his blog.

If you want to confirm the limited tickets and if you decide to buy go to for more info.

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