Hygiene Freak!

GERMS are everywhere!  I watched this episode in one of the Discovery Channel shows that was all about germs – telephone, computer keyboards, ATMs, food trays in food courts, elevator buttons are just filled with billions and gazillions of germs!


This is my daily life.  In front of a PC tinkering on the keyboard everyday.

Zoom in – to find very dirty keyboard in macro

Picture 029


and, I eat while I work!

image from Google images

Good thing I have a healthy supply of Hygienix!


I bring one in my bag (it’s so handy)


and I have another one I just leave on my car because I am always on the go and hand sanitizer is always handy on a road trip!

and I also have another one at home just because, I blog and eat at the same time (keyboard very dirty)

also, we have house pets that can also carry germs or bacteria with them


Don’t worry, the bunny is not dead, he’s just a deep sleeper like that Smile with tongue out

Hygienix is Love

What I love about Hygienix is that it kills 99.99% of germs but it doesn’t dry your hand.  I’m always iffy of just using plain alcohol because it dries up my skin Sad smile Thankfully, Hygienix keeps the hands soft and moisturized and the bottle is designed to be very handy and convenient that you can just easily put it in your travel bag or your ordinary day kit.

It smells good too and it doesn’t irritate my nose.

I bring one wherever I go Smile
I’m always on the go and sometimes I can’t predict where I’m headed.


Like one time, I went Longboarding in High Street…


so much germs and dirt @_@

and we decided to eat at Ristra’s


yummy but messy burrito,

and, if you’re like me who loves licking accidentally smudged sauce on your fingers, thou shall clean thy hands before eating!

I am not really a germ freak.  I don’t wash my hands every 5 seconds, I don’t wipe all of my stuff everyday, I don’t frequently clean my keyboard etc., but I am very keen on hygiene at least.  I clean my hands before I eat or every time I put or remove my contact lenses, I brush my teeth, I clean my makeup brushes and I always bring a hand sanitizer when I travel.



Remember the time when the Swine Flu became rampant and hit Hong Kong first in Asia?

Well, I was traveling at that time!

You can’t risk getting sick while you’re having a good time exploring a foreign place!

Hand sanitizers like Hygienix is really a must when you are traveling!

you never know what unique germs you will bring home >.<

What Germs can do


*illustration from sdhidaho.org

Keep a happy life by staying hygienic yeah?

Hygienix everyday, keeps the germs away!

so remember guys,


*This post is sponsored by Hygienix.

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  1. Nice..:) I can relate to that cleanliness freak thing. I am so one like that too! haha. Will try that product. Does it come in different scents?

  2. what does this hygienix smell like? i am so particular with the hand sanitizer scent kasi. ang gusto talaga ay yung Cleene na hand sanitizer. i just love how it smells. but i will check this out. 🙂

  3. All you said is true. It’s not being a hygiene freak. It’s just being careful. And having a hand sanitizer around is very handy. Especially during those times when soap and water iare unavailable.

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