La Luz – Batangas


It was my first time here in this resort in Batangas.  We travelled at about 3-4 hours from Manila (probably because of the South Super highway renovations.  It was raining while we were there too but it didn’t stop us from having some f-f-f-fun!


Who: Citi peeps plus me (9 of us)

Where: La luz Batangas

Status: crazy fun

Budget: PHP 2,000 ( but actual boarding and food is PHP 1,640 each)

Days: just overnight (April 18 – 29, 2009)

Room per night:  around PHP 3,500 (80% sure) *rates may be subject to change

3 meal buffet + 1 snack cost: PHP 1,000 per head (includes snacks, dinner, breakfast and lunch)

Weather: Sunny and rainy and down pour rainy! and humid

The beach: white pebble sand shores, arts of rock, clear waters, good for snorkeling and diving

Activities:  diving, snorkeling, kayaking, pleasure swimming, sun bathing (with beach huts and a row of cabanas, massage, board games, boating, volleyball, frisbee, hiking and bonfire by night


Romel (the owner) was kind enough to tour us around the place especially the “private-only” spots that only privileged visitors like us see :)  I was not able to take a picture of the private spots as respect and courtesy to the owner, but what my eyes saw were just really majestic.  We stayed in the private cabana that Romel reserved for us.  These areas are only accessible to certified “La Luzians” and thought it was my first time there, I’m just glad I was able to be a part of it, instantly!  Thanks to Poch for serving as our host for the duration of our stay there.



Pictures and cam-whoring photo ops:


Sadly, I forgot my two key cameras! My lumix and my D40!  But I packed the charger for both cameras it was just a forgetful me that his happened… sigh… Though, I still survived the weekend without it and used my handy nokia e63 (super last resort) and my other well-preferred camera phone, the W760i. 🙂


*click here to view the gallery in flickr if the flash doesn’t load below.





Helpful Links:

1. La Luz flickr gallery by flaircandy.
2. La Luz official website to view more about La Luz room rates, activities, directions, contacts and more photos of the resort.

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  1. Wow I want to go there too!

    Btw, naalala ko diba you have a travel blog before? or should i say you bought a domain for that? maybe its about time for you to update it 😀

  2. Mica, yes I did.. but I don’t have the time yet to set it up 🙂 thanks 🙂 tapos parang it’s nice to shoot a film there *whistle* lol

  3. 18 to 29? or 18 to 19? Nasa batangas ako 18 and 19.. waaaaaaaaa! at nag brown out, nag brown out din ba dyan? i was in an unknown resort.. waaaaaaaaaa!!! at pag punta pa namin, sira pa yung van, mabilis mag overheat, every 15 minutes nag stostop.. so mga 8 hours kami bago dumating ng batangas.. hehehe 😀

    pag dating doon, nag brown out sa resort, pero doon lang sa isang resort na yun. Lumipat kami ng ibang resort, then nag brown out buong batangas… tapos after ilang minutes bumalik ang kuryente, bumalik ulit kami sa previous resort. Nyok, tapos nun, nag brown out ulit, at walang kuryente ng ilang oras. Nung pa alis na kami bumalik naman nag kuryente, pero hindi lahat, yung mga saksakan hindi nag wowork.. hehehe.. aircon at ref lang gumagana.. woooot!

    then pag uwi, sira parin ang van, so from 3PM na alis, 12 midnight na nakarating ng maynila.. 9 din kami.. hahaha! saya no 😀

  4. LOL saang resort kayo and sino ang iyong kasama eh? hahaha… yes nag brown out rin sa amin… buti nalang napapaligiran na kami ng kandila lol

  5. walang pangalan ang resort dude! gf and gf’s officemates kasama ko.. hehehe. may mga growse pictures pa me ng resort at ng rooms nila.. waaaaaa! basta nakaka diri! hehehe 😀

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