Let’s Get Physical with Technology!

As some of you might know, I have been running lately.  It’s kind of the “in” thing to do lately.  Which is a good trend because I have noticed a lot of people waking up to the reality that if they don’t exercise, they won’t get any fit at all. 

Anyway, I’m back to being a Gadget Candy… I haven’t written a Tech post for the longest time but it doesn’t mean I have divorced myself with my lovely gadgets!

W760io and the features that I love

Back to our topic… The W760i phone has been a darling.  The phone is full of features that I love.  First, it plays awesome music (better sound quality than my iPod if same mp3 song is played and same headphones are used).  The headphones is gnarly nice as well… and the phone’s built-in external speakers are also superb!  The phone is also like a cousin of the iPhone and it has an accelerometer shake control. 

It also has TrackerID music recognition!  Ever heard that lovely song in the radio but the DJ did not say the title nor the singer?  Use this tool and record like 10 seconds of it and it will find the music online and return to you the title and singer and artist.

Did I mention it has GPS?  With a GPS feature you can do A LOT of things!!! – A LOT!

Let’s Get Physical! – W760i GPS Tracker

I tinkered on my device out of boredom… Then one time I discovered that I can run around the Fort and track my route, time, kilometers and stuff!

Here’s how I made use of the GPS Tracker while running:

tracker 1

1.  Hit the menu and click on the Satellite Icon (Location Services)

2. Click “Tracker”

3. Start training.

4. Choose your training mode

a. Time based – If you want to run for 30 minutes or an hour more than kilometers then use this option.  The phone will vibrate once you hit your desired time

b. Distance based – This is what I normally use.  I usually run for 5 kilometers.  The phone will vibrate once the target distance is hit.

c. Route – This works only if you have a recorded route before.  I have not tried this yet, but I suppose it will give directions like (turn right, or turn left) not really sure… will update once I’ve tried.

d. No limit – This option will just record the time you ran and the distance you covered for as long as you want.

5. Pick your goal (km or in minutes)

tracker 1

After all has been set, hit “start”.”  Initially it will prompt a message saying that it is locating satellites… once the prompt disappears then you’re good to RUN!!!

After you achieved your goal (time or distance) your phone will vibrate to let you know you have achieved your goal.  It will then display the results!

tracker 1

The results will show you a calendar of your activities, time you spent on a certain kilometer goal, your average speek, calories burned, you’re visual route, and a graph of your speed at a certain time!

Love the gadget enough? YES YES YES!

I know a lot of you have this phone… so use it some more and have fun while staying fit!

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  2. amazing! i didn’t know that feature. will you be charged for using GPS? does that count as bandwidth for data consumption?

    know any other phone with that capability? gonna check if my phone has a similar feature as well although medyo clunky sya to be used for running.

    excellent post!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that…

    It won’t charge you because it doesn’t use technically any map at all. If you would notice, the route is displayed in a grid and not a map. There is another application that you can use for mobile “SportyPal.” It’s free but I can’t get it working on W760i though 🙁

    About the clunkyness – yeah.. I have to carry it in my hand while circling the lanyard on my wrist. but… good stuff! ^_^

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  5. oh yeah hindi pala ito mag-work on treadmills right? because it relies on your location via GPS. but i think it will work naman if you go in loops like on a race track.

    bili ka na armband for it if there’s such a thing. hehehe.

  6. I don’t have that phone. Mine is an ancient E61i 😛 But thats a good feature to have. Wonder if they hyped it enough to runners here? Everyone seems to be going for that Nike Free Running thingamajig.

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