My list of places to go this 2009

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1.  Hong Kong

Well I’m going here this June with tickets and hotel bookings already!  Yaye!  Now, the next thing to worry about is itinerary!  Good thing I have Kristel and Angela.  They are the prime planners for this trip since right now I am just drowning with work. 

What we plan to do:  Visit Disneyland.  Experience HK’s nightlife

I’ve heard some hear-says (not official news) that the swine virus has reached Hong Kong.  I am not so sure about this and I hope it is not true!


2.  Macau

Also in June.  I just want to see the Las Vegas of Asia!  Probably some of my friends would go in and try out their casinos but it’s not really not my thing.  We will just be having a day trip here and I think I just want to take some pictures.  We’ll be riding a ferry from HK to Macau!!!  and I don’t know why but I seem to be excited about the ferry.

I’m quite a bit sad though because my rockstar is not coming with me.  I just know what to expect with myself.  I might feel quite stressed this time because I will be nearing live on my new role.  I hope I would still have the energy to go around disneyland or walk around Macau.  Sigh sigh…

3.  Siargao, Philippines

Ho! Ho! Ho!  That’s what I’m talking about!  Talk about awesome waves here baby!  I know I’m an amateur surfer and I can’t ride those waves (believe me even pros get injured by that).  I will just try baby waves while here.  I’m pretty sure we will be beach-hopping and soul surfing on this surfer’s paradise.



video credits to Pawie

4.  Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Talk about cheap tickets!  The super affordable cost of the airfare caught my attention.  And the google pictures of it are just so amazing!  Awesomeness this is!!!  I wanna go mountain trekking this time and reach the top of it where I could be above the clouds.  Also, with my goal of having to visit the beaches around the world, then shall be it!  This place (along Sabah) got nice diving sites!  I just can’t wait!

random-hikers *from

offexploringdotcom *from


5.  Singapore

Ah… of course… The formula 1 rush!  I won’t say more, just click here and here and here for more haha!



6.  Batam, Indonesia

This is a planned side trip from my Singapore.  I’m not so sure yet but if the beaches are worth going to, then why not.

**attempted to search for Batam pictures and nice ones that you’d drool in your seats, but I could not find a magnificent photo so therefore I think it’s not worth the side trip this September.  It’s better to book on a different travel for Bali Indonesia instead.

7.  Bacolod, Philippines

Of course, my dear humble hometown… the City of Smiles. :)  I don’t know when…  but it has been years since I’ve been home there.  What’s in store for me in Bacolod?  Is it still the same place I know?  or would I experience a lot of changes?  Will the Green City comfort me? 

8.  Caramoan, Philippines

This I’m not sure but they say this is the new Boracay!  How true could this be?  I don’t know… and I want to find out.

9.  Boracay, Philippines

I have been here and this place is done and checked in my travel inventory :P  I would wanna go back though… **faints!!**



For next year, I’ll be backpacking to:

1.  Malaysia (KL)

for the Sepang Formula 1 2010 Grand Prix :whee:

2.  Penang

If they call Philippines the “Pearl of the Orient”  they call penang this as well…  My friends keep telling me food’s really super nice here and I just can’t wait till I taste that Khoay Zhiap!!!  Of course, I wanna see fellow shouters and the maker of it (i.e., Lasker and Elise Saw)

3.  Vietnam / Cambodia backpacking

I just want to become a millionare for a day 😛 hehe, coz Vietnam’s exchange rate is like crazy 🙂 and take pictures of the historical Vietnam and Cambodia there is 🙂


Now all these travelling really puts a knife on my pocket >.< So, sponsor me please 🙂 or donate to me 😛 I’m sure we can arrange of a plug for you as well… KTNXBAI 😛

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  1. hahahahaha… you better check out no. 8, It’s from bicol ryt? I’ve never been there but my mom told me that it’s the new boracay, super white sand, much finer too, the place was a total paradise cause it’s been uninhabited for a long time and now it’s owned by a congressman(i think)… I heard Rumors that it’s been a place by spirits cause several tourists have died there.., anyway it’s just rumors

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