New Flair Candy Car – A Birthday Gift

OMG Mom totally bought me a new car?!? As a gift for my birthday! **faints** …and… **tears** Who’s gonna roll with me for a test drive???

What daughter am I to deserve it… awww.. I love you mom!!! tears I will miss my Honda Civic esi though, it has been with me for a long time and it has brought me good and bad ‘ol memories and definitely the most embarrassing ones one could ever experience!

It already has a part of my soul…

I have a deep bond with my car that at an instance I will know what is wrong with it even if I know nothing about car mechanics! All I know is it even has a remote car starter, so I can warm it up on cold mornings without going outside.

Anyway, I think this is one of the signs pointing right out to a new chapter in my life… The sign is not the gift… The sign is my mom’s gesture!  A sign of love that tells me she supports me in whatever I do and she’s just always there to back me up whatever decision I will make.

I love you mom!

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