Paragliding Pokhara Nepal – Flair Travels #2



I’m pretty sure every human being in this world would wonder how it feels to fly. To be momentarily suspended on air, your feet of the ground and you float for more than 5 seconds.

Well, like everyone else, I dreamed to fly.

When I went to Nepal last October, I browsed through the activities I could do during my stay.

Apart from seeing the tallest mountain on earth, Mt. Everest, I just had to do something for the first time – flying!

Well, paragliding to be specific.

I have told my friends who went to Nepal to try paragliding. It is really safe and one experience you will cherish.

Here are the things you need to do to make this experience come true.

– Book your flight a few days in advance. We went on October when it’s peak season and slots do fill up.

– For paragliding, a pilot will be paired to you and both of you will be strapped in for flight. So don’t worry. you don’t need to be experienced in anything to do this. all you have to do is ride.

– We booked through Himalayan Encounters and sometimes in a city you are not familiar with, it is best to have a travel agent or a tour guide.

– They have four scheduled times to fly during the day. It also depends on the weather and winds for best time to fly. Don’t worry to much about this, trust that they will tell you the best time to fly.

– We met at their office that will take us about 25 minutes uphill to the Sarangkot mountain top where you are already 1,400 meters above sea level.

– After driving, you need to hike up a little bit, this was my warm-up. There’s a point where vans can’t have access to, so off you go and walk!

– They will prepare the shoot and your seat/strap.

– I suggest you take the option with photos so you can document your flight! I mean this is a pretty expensive activity, might as well document it to last forever! They have go pro cameras that will capture your moment. You can bring your own gear too if you want, I had my DSLR strapped to my neck the entire time.

– This costs only additional $22 dollars or 1700 Nepali Rupees

– Bring sun glasses – the sun is harsh

– long sleeves and pants if you want to protect your skin from the sun. It was windy and chilly in October so it’s okay,

– and bring sunscreen!

– So once the shoot and you’re all strapped in, the pilot will be by your back and he will tell you to run towards the cliff!


– Did I tell you I’m afraid of heights? Yes very much so! But I somehow found a way to overcome this. I stop thinking and just do it!

– These pilots are trained and I trust them. SO RUN I DID!!!

– I didn’t think of anything else but just running towards that cliff! i was too nervous and stunned to document this moment and did not take a video or photo of it 🙁

– and next thing I knew, i was running with my feet not touching the floor already. I was flying!!!

– hallelujah!!!

– As you enjoy the ride, take photos, enjoy the view of the himalayas 🙂 Enjoy flying atop Pokhara Lake, but don’t wonder about where you’re gonna eat later because if you have a not-so-adventurous stomach, you would feel like vomiting mid way. AND I DID!

– Apparently, this is normal, so the pilot just asked me to tilt to my left and be free to barf. yes.

Here are the signs when the pilots can tell if someone is about to barf mid air:

1. Silence

2. Head bops more than usual

3. They curl with their tummies and clinch fist

4. They ask questions like – how long are we gonna be flying or when/where do we land?

As for me, I just told him directly – hey I need to vomit

– If you are more adventurous (or crazy lol) you can ask them to do a few tricks for you like summersault on air or do a 360 rollercoaster thing. Whatever – do whatever floats your banana boat!

– The pilots can control the height of the shoot. You can fly higher, and of course you need to fly lower if you’re ride is about to be done for landing. You will land at the space near the lake. So I’m thinking, In case I fall, I fall into water.

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