Penang Food Trip

This is a continuation of my Penang-KL trip.

I got so tired from jet-setting.  My ears got really wonky and I got so sleepy.  So, after eating some nice char siew fan (adobo rice), I just slept.  I was awoken by the sound of my phone ringing.

It was Angeline :)  Angeline and Satkuru picked me up with Ed at our Hotel and drove us around Gurney drive before meeting the other Penangites.  It was 6pm then but there was still sunshine.  7pm, there was still sunshine.

Thanks to Chee Hsien, Willaz and Nasi Lemak restaurant for helping me identify the food.  I got poor memory and I couldn’t remember the names of every food I ate Laughing out loud

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (24)

My first nai cha (milk tea) of the day.  This was actually the milk tea I had for lunch.  I love going around Asia because they have lots of milk tea everywhere.  It always helps when I order something spicy.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (25)

my favorite Char Siew Fan (Adobo Rice)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (153)

7pm but there’s still sun.  You can check the map.  Geographically speaking Philippines is on the more Eastern Part but Malaysia follows the same time as us.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (154)

Sorry, it’s a little bit underexposed.  I really didn’t edit much and besides, I don’t know how to Photoshop Smile with tongue out

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (155)

I got tips from everyone I know, even Filipinos who have been to Penang, that street food in Penang is the best.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (156)

so street food it is…

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (158)

not sure what this is but it might be pig kidney

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (159)

It gives Khoay Zhiap its authentic salty but soury flavor I believe Smile with tongue out

Khoay Zhiap is only found n Penang and Lasker said, they only prepare it like weekends.  Perfect timing for me Open-mouthed smile

Khoay Zhiap is like our soup number 5

If you don’t know what soup number 5 is… it’s like sinigang or nilaga with cow testicles Smile with tongue out

I know I have eaten the weirdest things *faints*

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (160)

This is the Khoay Zhiap soup Open-mouthed smile not bad tasting.  You can also opt to have it with rice and I like rice better Smile yummy loh, but not for those with high uric acid.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (161)

Char Kway Teow (CKT) My favorite noodles of all time!  Spicy is good.  It’s not the best CKT if it’s not spicy Smile with tongue out

It’s flat noodles with egg and bean sprouts.  They also put usually shrimp and other veggies.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (162)

mehhh… I forgot what this is called but according to the owner of Nasi Lemak’s resto here in the Philippines, this is Cheng Tng.  It’s just water and ice with some fruit syrup.  Lychee and beans and other sweet things are in it too Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (163)

I gulped this and ate the fruits when the CKT got really spicy Open-mouthed smile

You know, I’m very sensitive with spicy food.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (164)

Chicken Feet Smile We call this “adidas” in the Philippines because it has like three lines lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (165)

Curry Puff! It’s like empanada but it’s very big like the size of a Calzone.  They have more meat and potatoes though and really spicy.  But don’t worry, if I can take the spice, you will too Smile YUMMY!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (167)

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (168)

Food Place in Gurney Drive.  A lot of people are here.  Locals usually eat here more often than refined restaurants.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (169)

The cuttlefish – so big!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (170)

I got lychee ice which is made of real fresh lychee fruit and juice extracts.  Yummy!  I don’t know why we don’t have these here.

The green one is umbra (according to Willaz) it’s a fruit as well.  I think we have the same fruit here in the Philippines but I forgot what.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (172)Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (173)

This is Kuih Kosui, Kueh Nyonya.  It’s like pandan rice thingy with coconut shreddings Open-mouthed smile It’s like our own kuchinta but made into a ball Open-mouthed smile

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (174)

oh yes! they have their own version of Taho and this is the sweetest thing!  They call it Taufu fah

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (175)

This is the Fried Popiah, kinda like Lumpia

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (176)

Kaya Kuih (not sure) but it’s sticky rice.  One of the ingredients is supposedly a flower that causes the blueish color.

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (177)

Ooooh! Pasembur!

It’s really spicy but it’s definitely yummy!  It’s a salad made of shredded cucumber, Chinese Turnip (hong kuak), potatpoes, bean curd (taukua), bean sprouts, prawn fritters (hae chi) and sliced boiled egg.  The spicy sauce is made out of sweet potatoes.  They know how to create and invent very good food ^_^   It’s also called Mamak Rojak or Cheh Hoo depending on which version of food this is (Indian or Chinese).

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (49)

More milk tea and

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (50)

another vrsion of CKT I ate near our hotel… yummy! I’m telling you, I’m craving for one right now gaah!

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (51)

Chili bits you’re supposed to put on CKT if you want it to be spicier lol

Penang - KL Trip Aug 2010 (66)

oh yaye! What’s this burger doing in this blog post? oh well, you gotta McD everywhere once in a while Smile with tongue out

Till the next blog post Smile

Next time, KL time baby!

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  2. Penang CKT definitely the best, its not easy to find the same quality elsewhere. No Assam Laksa (think sardine sinigang curry with noodle)?

  3. Hannah! Reading your post makes me feel as tho u just visited us yesterday!!! Haha! Can’t wait to see you early next year in Phils and hopefully 2nd half of the next year in Penang! 😀

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