I’d like to believe I’m at this level right now.

I love this feeling.  It’s close to freedom, or maybe this is the essence of freedom.

I am at a point where I don’t get affected by what people say about me, or how they perceive me to be anymore 🙂

I am just happy, simply because I believe I am.  My life is not perfect, and I accept that change is constant.  But this feeling gives me peace.  That whatever life throws at me, I know I will be alright 🙂

I’m just saying this now because I used to feel sensitive when people judge me.  People judge me with the things I do, put stigma on my titles, scrutinize my writings, that I eat like a guy, – heck even people scrutinize me for my friends and who I hang out with, and some even criticize the decisions I make.

I thought a lot about these people before.  I used to “care” a lot about what they have to say.

But then I realized – why should I?

That’s the reason why I’m not hanging out with these guys.

But I don’t hate them.  I know people talk a lot behind other people’s backs.  I am guilty of this sometimes, but I don’t strutt it in yow faces *snap* *snap* and I don’t share it to the world – oh how Social Media works sometimes, it’s crazy 🙂

You can just “make parinig” all the time (lol) – am I making parinig now? lol not really – I’m just making a general statement here to highlight the bad acts of human beings.  Yes, including me… but sometimes I just try keep my bad thoughts and observations to myself if it doesn’t help another human being.  What’s the point of spreading the hate?  Why is it even so entertaining?

*Adlib: are you updated with Lloydie – Shaina – Ruffa issue*  — why is their private life so entertaining?  Seriously, bakit kaya?

Hay nako buhay – parang life!


Everyone could be a victim of scrutiny.  But shrug it off your shoulder and just think – oh they think too much about me 🙂


As for now I’m happy doing the things I love, being with the people I love who love me back oh so dearly.  I am glad to be surrounded by great people.  To other people’s eyes, I may be a weakling – but most of you know that I never give up and I stand up every time I fall.  And you know why I fall? Those negative people passing my way.

Some even say, “You should be like her, you should be like this, like that.”  The more they say that to me, the more I’m repelled by the thought of copying other people… I have my own identity and I am who I am.

I know better now, you’ll have a hard time pulling me down.


I was a victim of bullying when I was in kindergarten.  My grandma had to fight for me because I don’t fight back.  (I love you Wawa!)  Since then, I got scared of making friends.  I think until now, I am just really careful.  I also struggled in school before.  I used to get high grades, I get to perform a lot, and I get the guys’ admiration whom most of the girls have been crushing on… (and I don’t even wear makeup or pluck my eyebrows)

And they take it against me..

oh the crab mentality.


Okay, this post is taking too long.  One moment popped upon another leading me to share my story.


As for everyone reading this.  Don’t let people pull you down.  Make it hard for them to make you fall into pieces, but if ever they succeed, it’s still okay.  It’s alright, everything is going to be fine.  Just rise up when you’ve gathered strength.  When you’re lacking strength, talk to me 🙂 you know how to Contact me.

A few of my readers reached out to me before…  I don’t help them achieve whatever they want to achieve, I help them find strength.

Ah, this world is a mess, and everyone has their own share of distress.


Accept this, recognize your TRUE friends, acknowledge yourself – you’re good to go.  The world is not perfect, they are not perfect either no matter how they perceive to be.  I used to care a lot about my resume, my awards, achievements – etc… and I realized sometimes I’m just after the title.  Because that’s what everyone seems to be after — but I’m done chasing it… I thought it was my cheese – my goals that would make me happy.. but I discovered otherwise.

Find inner peace 🙂  As for me, Pole dancing helped 😛

You should try to discover and find yours.  It may be through music, art – a business … Explore 🙂


Everything will be alright 🙂


Be happy!




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  1. i am just about to blog about happiness right now when i open my dashboard i have your post on top of my reading list… i got interested to read it so, i click on the link. i have the same experience like yours, i experienced being bullied because of looks, fashion, life style and etc. but these motivated me to be who i am right now. A strong woman and like you do not mind what other people say most of the time now. i just analyze what they say now then think of the positive side of then. i know myself more than they do and i can never “pull me down”… they will just waste their time on putting me down coz they will never win over me… hahaha 😉

  2. inspiring <3

    ganyan ka din pala =)) good for you, you are over it! ako din, super conscious ako about what other people might think of me. I am always trying to please everyone. Parang di ako mapakali if i don't =)) haha ang crazy ko lang. Parang reputation always matters to me, like how other people see me really matters to me that much. And it's like I am basing my self-worth on it. After reading your blog entry napaisip ako, it's not healthy and it's actually holding me back. I think I need to reflect on this. Thanks Hannah 🙂

    P.S. Ang tagal kong di nakadalaw dito ah

  3. How true!
    Really inspiring and is really a good read. I share the same sentiments.
    I also had similar experiences. Stereotyped. Bullied. Etc.
    But to all those people who did us wrong, and the crab mentality they practice … shame on them. We’re above them now … coz we were able to triumph over their trivial issues. (^_^)

  4. I knew this is going to be a serious post – one-liner eh 😛

    I remember being bullied before because of my physical appearance and later on, my performance in school. Although the honor roll wasn’t really a big deal for me way back, some of the parents of my classmates were saying mean things about me. Sila na LOL.

    I agree on you with the titles and achievements part. Nung college, almost all seminars na i can in-attendan ko so that i’ll have a long resume to present when I apply for work. I realized later on na uhm… these are not really necessary. Sometimes, the world requires us to be pressured and exceed the expectations. Ang ending tuloy, di tayo truly nagiging happy.

    I wrote a blog post a few months ago about simplicity and how to reach real happiness through simplicity. This simplicity is not easy to understand for some, but i know that you and i do 🙂 thanks badet for being my friend. i love you much! 😀

  5. HUUGGGZZZ true… I don’t agree that people go well under pressure… hindi naman tayo diamonds… totoo yan dear, simplicity thanks for being with me always!

  6. Hello love ^_^ oo nga buti naman nakadalaw ka ulit 🙂 and yes that’s true what you said – basing our self-worth based on what other people think is dangerous… and because of this we are vulnerable. 🙂 Just keep on doing what you believe in, girl power rocks!!!

  7. it’s really true ms hannah! “try to discover and find yours”
    i find comfort that in God’s eyes, i am forever beautiful and unique.:)
    your life may not be perfect but you’re a good person.

  8. oo naman!nakakatuwa lang.Naguguluhan ako!hahaha!alam mo na!kakagraduate lang. Before I was so certain with the things I want! pero after school huhuhu!it was different di lahat mabaet!:( Miss ko kayo!:( goodluck!

    one more, saw mika hakkinen kanina!naalala kita! starstrucked ako! pero you’ll appreciate him more i know!:)

  9. This post showed the other side of you Hannah…nobody’s really spared from scrutiny, it all depends on how we handle such. Naalala ko tuloy yun post sa FB from one of my friends, “pag sinisiraan ka ng walang dahilan, INGGIT ang tawag dyan.”. Have a nice day. 🙂

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