Start of My 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Program

I’m a huge fitness advocate. I believe that being “fit” adds quality to your life. You enjoy life when you can freely move and do your everyday chores, and more when you do extraordinary things once in a while. What I mean is, you can’t enjoy “life” when you always feel sick and sluggish. I’ve been on that stage and I think that was the main cause of my self-diagnosed depression. It was horrible times until I finally discovered how fun it is to live “The Good Life” – hence my blog’s tagline.

“Live the Sweet Life with FlairCandy.”


We all know this is important. Exercise keeps our heart healthy. I notice that when I exercise, my skin feels healthier too! I’m not sure about the exact science, but I’m sure the whole process of working out has a beneficial butterfly effect on our entire body’s different systems.

· Digestive system – exercise helps better metabolism. The more you exercise, the more you burn. The more you gain healthy muscle, the more you burn. The more effective process of your body absorbing the good minerals. Balanced diet also comes in but I’ll talk about that later.

· Nervous system – I just seem to be more reactive to my environment. My reflexes got better – kinda like Spiderman’s clip_image001I’m kidding of course. But exercise also helps my motor skills.

· Muscular and skeletal system – this one is pretty obvious. You get healthier muscles and sturdier bones.

· Cardiovascular system – your blood circulation improves. Healthier heart – more love <3

· Respiratory system – exercise strengthens your diaphragm and has long term beneficial effects to your lungs

The 4 Letter Word: DIET

Personally, I’m a huge exercise fan – but I’m missing out on the “Eat Healthy” part. Food is just a sweet temptation! I love eating so much (I know I’m not alone in this predicament) that I exercise as much as I could so that I can eat more of the things that I want! But, no matter how much I exercise, I still couldn’t reach my “goal” of losing some inches here and there.

Diet Goals

We all have different goals for losing weight and losing inches. For some, it would be “to fit in my jeans again”, “to fit in my wedding dress”, “so I look good in a photoshoot”, etc.

For me, my goal is simply just to look good doing my favorite sport – “POLE”

I don’t think I’m fat or anything like that. In fact, that’s the reason why I simply don’t go on any “DIET” at all and just eat whatever the heck I feel like eating. It’s been like this for years for me.

Going on a Diet

I enjoy exercise and I have no problem doing it everyday.

My BIG problem is, I enjoy eating my favorite food. I don’t enjoy being on a diet. I don’t enjoy limiting my meals. I like my FREEDOM when it comes to my eating habits.

But then again, too much freedom can cost you. Freedom is only good when you have discipline. And this is my current goal: to discipline myself to achieve my body’s goal. I know I have toned muscles underneath that layer of fat I have in my body because of the exercise that I do, and my challenging Pole classes.

But, in order for my “muscle cuts” and abs to be visible – I need to lose ‘em fat covering it. I don’t just want a flat stomach, I want my abs to say “Konichiwa” to the world! One day, I dream they will show up at least for once in my life. I have very challenging genes and it’s my families’ problem part – that stomach and thighs ugh… to some women, it’s just easy, but to me it would be very challenging but nevertheless, I’d like to think it’s not impossible so we’ll see.

That’s why I decided to go on a diet – a sure and healthy way of losing fat.

Nestle Fitnesse Program

Challenge accepted!

The 14 Day Nestle Fitnesse program aims to kickstart an active and balanced lifestyle. The program includes a 14 Day meal plan together with Nestle Fitnesse that’s made with whole grain.



Whole Grain Nestle Fitnesse Cereals


Whole grains are a great source of fiber. It helps your digestive system to be as effective as it can be and it should make you full and have less cravings.

They recommend to replace 2 of my daily meals with Nestle Fitnesse cereal, skimmed milk and fruits, ensuring of course that my third meal is nutritionally balanced. And of course, with exercise!



Example of a Balanced Meal.

Day 1

I’m nervous that I might not stick to the program because I’d crave! But I understand it takes dedication and I NEED this to work for me. I want that fab body!

Now, I want to be transparent in doing this program so that we can see if this works or not. Today I start with:

Weight: 119

Waist: 28 in





gosh, I didn’t know I’m at 28! geez


The thing is, I stopped measuring. At this point, a lot of people I see lately say “I lost a lot of weight.” I was absent from pole class for a month, and I just came back this week and my teachers say “Hey, you lost a lot of weight” (compared to a month ago). And I am so confused, because when I step on the weighing scale, I’m heavier than ever. I believe I’m at my heaviest right now!

Then I did some research.

Since I’ve been doing pole for a year now, I significantly gained muscle mass. To check out my pole activities, you can go to my pole diary:

They say, muscle weighs more than fat and while maybe I lost some fat from 1 month, I gained weight from muscle.

That’s why I don’t weigh anymore… I believe, you’d feel better and you will know the difference if your diet and exercise are effective when you fit better in your clothes!



This is it! I’m doing this!


My breakfast.

Good news is, this cereal tastes GREAT! Especially when you put your favorite fruit.


For dinner, I included mixed fruits for variety.



And as proof that this cereal tastes good, my officemates are loving it too!!!


My box of cereal lasted me only 2 days because a few of them tried it! Some of them made it into a snack and ate it without milk.



And another officemate of mine tried it with SOYA milk. I thought it would taste weird, but it’s also actually pretty good!

And of course I told them that it only costs 99 PESOS!

So they can buy it for themselves and they were like “REALLY? 99? Sulit (worth it)!”

This is Day 1. We’ll see what happens in the next few days. I bet I’ll have challenging times since my team and I are going out on a “teambuilding” with buffet for ALL meals!!!

It will be a challenge!

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  1. Hello Hannah, i really admire your passion for health and your discipline for the diet program. I underwent a certain program as well and yes, discipline is a must! 😉 However, i just can’t agree that the Nestle boxed food can help us in achieving a healthy and sexy body. All processed (whether canned, boxed, packed) foods are BAD for our health simply because the natural ingredients are already mixed with synthetic chemicals to make its shelf-life longer. I also believe in exercise, Pole is a good way to tone muscles. ^^, Fruits, veggies, protein and carbs is correct. These should always be part of our meals. It’s just the boxed thing that is misleading.

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