Thoughts While I’m Sick

As you may know, I got sick a couple of days ago.  I couldn’t stay long in front of the computer.  Even browsing through my phone made me dizzy.  I diagnosed myself with ADD because I can’t stand not doing anything.  But I didn’t have a choice but to rest in bed whole day.  With this, I couldn’t help but think of many things.  This included memories of my corporate days.  I know, it’s totally random.  But here I am now, writing this blog post.

One thought occurred to me.  I remembered sitting on my office table and suddenly I get a random unsolicited phone call from an insurance agent.  I would always be like “No, I’m not interested.”  I know a lot of you can relate.  I would then doubt if the HR department keeps our files and office phone number confidential or they are selling these information…

The horror!

But recently, I think it’s just us Filipinos who have this mentality.

Most Filipinos take for granted the benefits that insurance can give.  I was researching about health insurance in the Philippines and I stumbled upon Fitz Villafuerte’s blog explaining that insurance is one of the most often ignored necessary expenses. Working in the corporate world before gave me the benefit of having a Medical Card.  Now that I am out of the corporate compound and I just do freelance work, I say it’s about time I find a nice Medical card that would support me in any health emergencies.  You never know.

There are different kinds of insurance and almost every day, they think of something new to insure.  Remember the rumor that J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) insured her buns for a million dollars?  Yeah, right now, you can have almost anything insured.  I also heard this cellphone insurance before where in case your cellphone is stolen, you would have extra protection and they will give you another phone.  I don’t think that went well though as cellphones are getting cheaper now. There are also many other insurance on the side that banks and other credit companies offer.  If you watched the movie “Inception” you would also hear that their targeted person was insured for kidnapping.  A lot of people lost their properties when the Typhoon Ondoy happened here in the Philippines.  People lost their homes, cars and even their livelihood or business.  After that, people started to see the importance of insurance.  Entrepreneurs who want to protect their physical businesses now seek business insurance policies.  I have friends and family in California who are also very keen on business insurance in CA.  There are also a lot of unexpected things happening in CA like mostly earthquakes and stuff.  Anyway, if you’re on the area, check out official website for California Department of Insurance.  For the Philippines, we can visit the Philippine’s Insurance Commission website.

Anyway, how is your week?

I hope you are not as sickly as me…

More blog posts of awesomeness soon!



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