Variety in my NESTLÉ FITNESSE Program

Since I’ll be doing the NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program, I must think of a way to add variety to my cereal which I will take twice a day for the rest of the 14 days.

First of all, the NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereals come with different flavors.  So, I can work on alternating flavors for one.

Second, I can incorporate more flavor to my cereal by adding fruits, using soy milk and dark chocolate bits, the list is endless!  My favorite has always been the original NESTLÉ FITNESSE flakes, milk, good bananas and mango 🙂

Healthy ways to make your NESTLÉ FITNESSE 14-Day Program more interesting:

  • Add fruits to your cereal.  Like I said, banana and mango are my favorite fruits to add to my cereal.


  • Add nuts to your cereal. Try almonds, pistachios and nuts that are unsalted.  NESTLÉ FITNESSE has Honey & Almonds flavor so you can try this too

  • Try different flavors of NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal
  • Try alternating milk with soy or flavored milk to make the flavor interesting! You can try milk in strawberry, melon or chocolate flavor!

  • Eat NESTLÉ FITNESSE cereal as is – like a snack!  I usually do this when I’m in the office.  My officemates take this as a snack too!
  • Add dried fruits. Prunes and raisins! If you don’t have a fridge at home, this is ideal for you. 
  • NESTLÉ Fruit Selection Yogurt


Try to experiment and find out the perfect combination for you. 


Or, if you like the simple, original cereal and milk like me then so be it :) 

Have fun! 


Love always,


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  1. Hi Hannah! Mango and Banana are also may favorite combination on practically anything, most especially sa smoothies. 🙂 I want to try this fitness program. Right now, I’m cutting down sugar and flour from my diet, and fruits and cereals seem to be a great alternative. Thanks for sharing!

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