Vitress for a Sexy Beautiful Hair

When you need emergency and immediate hair transformation, there’s only one thing in mind – Vitress.  Dull and damaged hair ain’t a pretty accessory to your wardrobe.  As we all know, hair is a big part of our overall look!  You can wear all the loveliest ensemble, but an untamed hair will ruin it!

Vitress Hair Solution products is scientifically formulated to address the specific needs of your hair. Vitress protects your hair against harsh environmental elements that may damage hair making it dull, dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Each unique product is enhanced with vitamins, minerals and natural moisturizers to nourish your hair.


Vitress Hair Polish

It comes in 50ml and 100ml tubes.  It is cream based and is light and non-greasy.  You don’t want to look like you just got out of a swedish massage or something!  This tames any frizz and fly away hair without the greasy feeling.  It also prevents tangles and and keeps hair smooth, silky and manageable.  The key word is “moisturization.”  It is tested by dermatologists.

  • Strengthening – with Vita-strength formula that prevents split ends and breakage
  • Long-lasting fragrance – with Scent Infinity Complex keeps hair smelling fresh throughout the day
  • Sun Protect – with Sun Defense System that protects hair from the sun


Vitress Cuticle Coat

It comes in 15ml, 30ml and 50ml bottles.  It smoothens dry, dull and hard-to-manage hair giving it intense shine.  It is enriched with moisturizers to nourish hair.  Dermatologies tested safe and effective.

  • Instant Relax – with Vita-Relax Technology that helps flatten unruly, wavy hair
  • Heat Protect – with Thermo-Shield Complex that protects hair from harmful effects of frequent curling, ironing and blow-drying
  • Hair Repair – with Hydro-Restore System that resists the ill-effects of chemicals when perming, dyeing and other hair treatments


Check out the following for more info:

Vitress website

Vitress Facebook

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