Zouk Night Out Malaysia

After the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards, we headed to a famous night club in Malaysia – Zouk!  I’ve heard of this club from friends and their blog posts and I was really excited to finally land my party feet on Zouk!

We had free passes and drinks courtesy of Nuffnang and one of their sponsor Heineken.


We were all honestly tired after the 12-hour trip and the NAPBAS ceremony proper.  But, we all decided we will only be together in Malaysia just for 3 days and if we let this moment pass by, it will definitely be gone!

And so we went to party!  We rode the Nuffnang bus and traveled to KL – Zouk!  It was another 30 minute ride at 12 midnight!  I took a nap at the bus to recharge.


Most of us wore heels and oh the achy achy feet!  Good thing we had a VIP room!

While waiting for the bus, some snacked on some Malaysian street food! Yum!  I was too tired to walk at that time.. But oh well, here’s to the fun memories!

I realize I didn’t get a lot of photos from my own cam, but compiling these photos from friends just to save them down the memory lane Smile


*Photo from Tin Iglesias

Me holding a Heineken.


Outside Zouk


Me, Jane, Tracy and Noelle

from Trixie’s cam: Trixie, Nikki, Angela, Janey and me!

Me and Angela! Wishing our friend Kristel was with us.

I think that’s all of the photos I have for now @__@


It was one fun night and I hope this happens again!





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